Chapter 7: Locked Mementos

Locked Mementos

Activate the Locked Mementos quest on your Shiekah Slate, which will place a marker on your world map. You will need to head back to the top of Kakariko village and make you way back to the Dueling Peaks Stables. Before you each the stable, you will cross a bridge and here you will need to turn left. If you reach the stables first, you have gone too far and need to turn back.

You will pass through Fort Hateno, where there is a small house as you pass through the gates. Here you can talk to Calip, who will tell you about a shrine quest nearby The Cursed Statue. As you follow the path, near this location, the left will lead you to an area with small statues. After 9pm, one will have glowing purple eyes and when you shoot it with an arrow, the shrine will appear. You can use a camp fire to skip time so you can activate this shrine. Leaving this area and continuing to follow the path will lead you to a small stone bridge that will lead you to the Hateno Tower.

The Hateno Tower is covered in brambles that will need burning away before you can climb the tower. You can either create a camp fire close to the base and use a wooden weapon to burn the brambles away or fire arrows. Both will clear enough of the brambles and allow you to climb the tower.

Once the tower is activated, paraglide down and make your way into the village. If you follow the path, you will reach Hateno village. Here you can collect new clothing and armor. The path that runs through the town will lead you all the way to the Tech Lab. Here you will meet Purah and Robbie.

Speaking to Purah will open up the guidance stone and allow you to upgrade your Shiekah Slate. You will now have access to the camera rune and some images have opened up on the world map section of the Shiekah Slate. You will need to take a photo of Purah and show her the image. This will complete the Locked Mementos quest and activate the Captured Memories quest.

Captured Memories

Once you have completed the Main Quest “Slated For Upgrades,” the camera function on the Sheikah Slate becomes available. You also get access to 12 pictures taken by Princess Zelda 100 years ago.

Go back to Kakariko Village and talk to Impa. She thinks that by visiting each of the locations shown in the pictures, you can recover your lost memories.

When you are near a memory, a green light will start to glow. Examine the light to recall events from 100 years ago. Memories will give you more information about the story of Breath of the Wild.

After reliving one of your lost memories, return to Kakariko Village and talk to Impa to receive the Champion’s Tunic. Finding every lost memory will unlock a slightly different ending to the game.

Working out where to go, based on just the landmarks in the picture, can be tricky. Find the artist Pikango in Kakariko Village and complete the Main Quest “Find The Fairy Fountain” to learn the location of one of the pictures. Afterward he will appear at stables around Hyrule and can give you directions to the place where a picture was taken.


Sacred Ground Ruins

The first picture shows several columns, with Hyrule Castle in the distance. This area is a short distance south of Hyrule Castle Town and is quite easy to find. However, Guardian Stalkers patrol around here, so you need to be careful if you go looking for this memory early in the game.


Lake Kolomo

The Dueling Peaks can be seen in the second picture, beyond a large lake. It looks like it was taken in West Necluda, but it is actually in central Hyrule. Lake Kolomo is a large body of water, north of the Great Plateau and west of the Dueling Peaks. Look on the western shore of the lake for the area shown in the album.


Ancient Columns

Some old stone monuments and a dormant Shrine occupy the foreground of the third image. The presence of Vah Medoh in the distance and a panorama of mountains hint that this was taken high up on the Tabantha Frontier. If you cross the Tabantha Great Bridge, you will see the Ancient Columns on top of the mountain to the south. Make your way to Tena Ko’sah Shrine to find the memory.


Kara Kara Bazaar

Kara Kara Bazaar is built around an oasis in the northeast of the Gerudo Desert, approximately halfway between Gerudo Town and the Desert Gateway. The memory is on the eastern side of the oasis and should not be any trouble to locate. The climate around the oasis is mild, but prepare for extreme temperatures while getting there.


Eldin Canyon

The fifth picture shows a vast expanse of Hyrule,  including Hyrule Castle, the Great Hyrule Forest and the Woodland Tower. Climb the mountains next to the Woodland Tower until you reach the high ground where the image was taken. Move around until the Sheikah Tower looks like it does in the picture, then search for the memory.


Irch Plain

You can clearly see Hyrule Castle in the sixth picture, so you can tell that it was taken somewhere to the west. The location is approximately halfway between the Ridgeland Tower and the Great Hyrule Forest. Look for a swampy area with a lone tree on a rocky outcrop and you will find the memory.


West Necluda

The bridge in the seventh picture is the Bridge of Hylia. The picture was taken from a spot near the northeastern edge of Lake Hylia. Look alongside the banks of the river that feeds into the lake. On top of a hill is the sheltered spot with the tree and two statues shown in the picture, where you will find the memory.


Hyrule Castle

The location in the eighth image is hard to identify because there are no major landmarks to go by. This is perhaps the most dangerous memory to obtain, because it is the middle of Hyrule Castle.

Enter Hyrule Castle using whichever path you like. Go to the area just north of the First Gatehouse, on the west side of the castle. A small set of stairs leads up to Princess Zelda’s room. Look for a hole in the ceiling and climb through it (beware the Moblin on the lower floor). Go outside onto the bridge to find the memory.


Spring of Power

There are only a few places in Hyrule with large Goddess Statues. This picture was taken at the Spring of Power in the Akkala region. Head to the northeast of Hyrule and search the area directly east of Death Mountain for a series of small canyons patrolled by Guardian Skywatchers. The Spring of Power is at the northern end. Drop in by Paraglider to avoid having to fight the Guardians.


Sanidin Park Ruins

The proud horse statue in the tenth picture is near Safula hill, where the royal family’s white horse can be found. Go to the Outskirt Stable near the Great Plateau and follow the road that goes north. You will reach the Sanidin Park Ruins in no time at all. Once you’re there it is easy to find the memory.


Lanayru Road – East Gate

The eleventh picture was taken on the western side of Mount Lanayru. If you follow the road east from the Fairy Fountain at Kakariko Village you will reach the gate. There are quite a lot of enemies on this route, so be prepared for a fight. If you encounter a Lynel, you have gone too far east.


Hyrule Field

The twelfth picture was taken in Central Hyrule, on the eastern edge of Hyrule Field. If you have the regional map, you should look just to the northeast of the Bottomless Swamp. If you don’t have the map, try following the Hylia River north alongside Hyrule Field. There are not many areas with trees along the riverside, so it is not too hard to find. The memory is in the middle of the path.


The Final Memory

Return to Impa once you have found all 12 memories. She will reveal a secret to you: the painting on her wall shows the location of another memory. Take a photo of the painting to help you find the correct spot.

Go south from Kakariko Village to the area near the Dueling Peaks Stable, where there are dozens of broken Guardians. Search the area called Ash Swamp for a place that matches the painting and you will find the final memory. Match up the landmarks like you did for the other memories and you will find the spot.

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