Chapter 6: Seek Out Impa

Seek Out Impa

After receiving the paraglide, you will be given the task to seek out Impa. Once this quest is activated, your Shiekah Slate will be updated and on your map will now have a marker placed, this is where you will now head to and locate Impa.

Head to the edge of the great plateau and paraglide onto Hyrule field. Head east, towards the Dueling Peaks until you reach the Bosh Kala Shrine. Make your way across the bridge to the base of the Dueling Peaks. Cross the river, so you can activate the Dueling Peaks Tower. This will activate this area of the map and help you navigate the rest of your path.

Between the Dueling Peaks is a river, head between then on the left hand side so you can reach the Ree Dane Shrine. Continuing across this side of the river will lead to a camp of Bokoblins. You have the choice to cross the river to avoid the camp or take on the camp and pass them. Either path will lead to the Dueling Peaks Stable.

Before continuing to Impa, take the time to complete the Ha Dahamar Shrine and the side quest Wild Horses. As the path from here is long, finding and taming a horse here will save you time. The path to Impa is straight forward from here so you can follow your map until you reach Kakariko village.

After crossing the bridge, you will come across Hestu who will ask you to bring back his maracas. You will find the Bokoblins camp just up ahead. If you are low on equipment, you can use your bomb runes and climb up the mountain area and bomb them from the top. Be careful, if a Bokoblins falls off and does not reach the water, they will survive and you will need to locate them before you can claim the treasure chest.

When you reach Kakariko Village, before heading down to the main building, follow the path until you reach the chance to turn left down into the village or continue and go up the mountain. If you head up now, you can reach a further shrine. If you have done all 4 shrines in this guide, you will be able to claim another heart container or stamina container.

Make your way to the bottom of the path and talk to the two guards outside the main building. They will notice your Shiekah Slate and allow you to pass. Head up the steps,  enter the building and talk to Impa.

Talking to Impa will complete this quest and create two new quests for you to follow, Free the Divine Beasts and Locked Mementos. Each quest will point to different locations on the world map. Free the Divine Beasts will show four locations, each leading to the first part of the Divine Beast quests and the Locked Mementos will show a marker for the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

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