Shrine Quests

There are 120 Shrines of Trials in Breath of the Wild, scattered all over Hyrule. In order to access some of them, you will first need to complete a Shrine Quest. We have detailed guides to help you complete these Shrine Quests. We have walkthroughs for the Shrines of Trials too.

Stranded on Eventide

Eventide Island is a large island off the southeast coast of Hyrule, in the Lanayru Sea. When you first land on the island, you will be given a challenge to place three orbs on the altars scattered around the island, using only equipment you can find there. Completing the Stranded on Eventide Shrine Quest will reveal Korgu Chideh Shrine.

The Crowned Beast

The Crowned Beast is a Shrine Quest given to you by Kass the Rito. It leads to the Mezza Lo Shrine.

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