Stranded on Eventide

Eventide Island is a large island off the southeast coast of Hyrule, in the Lanayru Sea. Find a raft and a Korok Leaf (there is one in Lurelin Village), or if you have enough stamina (about two full Stamina Wheels’ worth) try gliding there from the top of Cape Cales.

When you set foot upon Eventide, Korgu Chideh speaks to you telepathically. He challenges you to place three orbs on the altars scattered around the island, using only equipment you can find there.

Without decent weapons or armor, combat can be dangerous. Note that if you die, you will need to begin the quest again from scratch. and you can’t save while you’re on the island. We recommend gathering up some supplies before tackling the orbs. You will still be able to use your runes and any Divine Beast abilities you have.

Stranded on Eventide Island - Breath of the Wild

There is a Soldier’s Claymore in a metal chest beneath the swamp in the center of the island (use Magnesis to lift it out), a Soldier’s Spear in a chest behind some rocks on the southern slope of Koholit Rock, and a Soldier’s Broadsword in a chest on some rocks off the northeast coast.

When you start tackling enemies, you’ll be able to use their weapons, including bows and arrows. Look for food as well, to restore any Hearts that you may lose. There are crabs on the beach, fish in the ocean, and fruit in the trees. You will be able to cook the food at fires. Don’t forget that in a pinch you can cook monster parts into Dubious Food, which will also restore Hearts.

The first orb

Near the eastern shore of Eventide Island is a lookout platform guarded by two Red Bokoblins and one Blue Bokoblin. The first orb is on top of this platform. There’s also a Soldier’s Bow in a treasure chest on this platform.

The nearest altar is on a rocky outcrop near the northern tip of the island. Drop the orb in the sea and use Cryonis to create a pillar of ice underneath it. Make more pillars in order to reach the altar.

The second orb

There is a Blue Hinox sleeping on the southern half of Eventide. The second orb is hanging from its necklace. If you sneak up at night, it is relatively easy to take the orb without waking it. Crawl into its hand and it will put you on its chest as it moves in its sleep. You can also climb up the nearby cliff and paraglide down onto its chest.

The weapons available to you won’t do much damage against an enemy this strong before they break, so trying to kill it is risky. If you hit it in the eye and stun it, it is possible to grab the orb from its necklace mid-fight. The Dragonbone weapons hanging from the necklace are the strongest ones on the island, so you might want to consider taking them too.

Consider using stealth to take the orb from the Hinox.

The nearest altar is on top of the hill at the southern tip of the island. Some Bokoblins and Chu Chus have made their camp up here, so you will have to defeat them first. You may want to do this before taking the orb. The altar is underneath some heavy metal crates, which you can move with Magnesis.

If you have the orb and the Hinox wakes up, it will chase you up the hill, but it moves slowly so you’ll have plenty of time to reach the altar before it reaches you!

The third orb

It rains frequently on Eventide Island, so when the weather is dry enough, climb the mountain to the east called Koholit Rock. Bokoblins and Moblins are guarding the final orb. Defeat them all (although it’s also possible to simply avoid the Moblin), then climb the watchtower at the back to get the orb.

The altar is nearby, underneath a big stone slab. Find it, then cast Stasis on the slab. Hit the slab as many times as you can before Stasis ends to move it. Place the orb in the hole.

The orbs can be placed on the altars in any order. Once all three are in place, Korgu Chideh Shrine will appear on the top of Koholit Rock. Climb up and enter the Shrine to collect a Spirit Orb, plus a Gold Rupee.

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