Mezza Lo Shrine

Ancient Trifecta

Accessing Mezza Lo Shrine requires first completing “The Crowned Beast” Shrine Quest. See our guide for The Crowned Beast Shrine Quest if you have not yet completed it.

To begin with, run up the ramp to your right where you see a crystal switch. Striking it will cause a platform to the north of the switch to move 90 degrees each time you hit it. Strike the switch until this platform is on the east side.

To the right of the switch is a metal block. Use Magnesis to shift it (such as by pulling it toward you), which will allow a laser to hit the switch, which will cause the platform to move one more time and meet up with the end of the ramp you’re on. Continue up and over the ramp and stand on the platform.

Breath of the Wild Mezza Lo Shrine

Each time the laser strikes the switch, a platform will move 90 degrees.

Hold the metal block with Magnesis and use it to briefly interrupt the laser’s path. When the laser hits the switch again, the platform you’re standing on will carry you to the west side. Continue to hold the metal block and use Magnesis to move it over to the north platform (left of where you’re standing), where there is a button switch on the floor. Drop the block onto the Switch to open the gate to Mezza Lo.

Before you continue, the platform to the west has a treasure chest containing a Thunderblade. You can use the treasure chest as an alternative to the metal block to activate the switch on the north platform.

Now use Stasis on the device that is emitting the laser to make it stop (you could also use a bow and fire an arrow at the switch). When Stasis runs out, the laser will strike the switch and move the rotating platform to the north, where the button switch is. Use this chance to make sure the block is on the button and repeat the Stasis trick to move around one more time to the east.

Go through the gate, talk to Mezza Lo, and claim your Spirit Orb.

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