Triforce Tributes: These fans’ Zelda memories tell great stories; are honorable mentions
by on February 7, 2017

Hundreds of Legend of Zelda fans sent in their memories of the games to Triforce Tributes two weeks ago. We chose our ten winners, which were announced yesterday, but we felt that there were so many touching, entertaining, and enjoyable stories amongst those submitted that it would be a shame not to share more of them. The Legend of Zelda has inspired people to pursue careers, created bonds between family members and friends, helped people get through times of adversity, and even gotten people into trouble. And that’s not to mention the magic that so many of us feel by simply playing a Zelda game and the incredibly satisfying feeling of getting through a difficult section of the game. Here are some of the stories we loved.


Zelda is something that will always connect me and my mom. We both love Zelda and we both play it since it came out for the Super Nintendo / Famicom. She can’t afford all the new consoles and the new Zelda titles. That’s where I jump in. I buy them and lend them to her later, so that she can play them too. I was at the Zelda Symphony last year (unfortunately without her) and it was amazing. If the Zelda Symphony will continue next year, we will visit it together! When my boyfriend proposed to me, he gave me a ring with a Triforce on it. My mother said: “It really suits you!” Zelda has such an amazing atmosphere and lovely characters and details. I’m always falling in love with it again when playing a new Zelda game. Zelda will always have a favorite place in our heart. <3

Maria Kolonsky

I have been an avid Zelda fan ever since I first watched my dad play the original The Legend of Zelda on the NES. After playing all of the games, consuming all of the manga, and seeing The Symphony of the Goddesses twice at the Mann Center, I was left wanting more. As a performing musician, I had this dream of one day being able to perform the iconic music that had such a tremendous influence on my childhood. You can imagine, then, how ecstatic I was when I got a call last March – the symphony was adding a new show in Pennsylvania and needed another percussionist. On November 4, 2016, I got to live out my dream and perform as part of the Master Quest tour and share my passion for Zelda and music with a concert hall full of fellow fans. I even made it up on the big screen during the concert! This will forever live as my favorite concert that I have played and my ultimate Zelda fan experience!

David Griffiths

I first met Link working his way through the Forest Temple in Ocarina of Time. I’d stopped at a friend’s house on my ride home from school to grab a book and there, on the TV, was Link battling who I would later learn to be Phantom Gabon. Enthralled I sat there watching for hours, the love affair with The Legend of Zelda had begun. When I finally got home I learnt that a lot of my friends, my brothers and their friends were out looking for me. Mum was terribly worried, the police were called and I was grounded for a month. Totally worth it.

Ana Paula Wrobleski

When I was a kid playing Ocarina of Time for the first time and barely knew English and saw that stone pedestal on Lake Hylia’s island and I really wanted to know what was written in there. I asked my teacher and friends to help me translate it and because of it I discovered how to get the Fire Arrows. It was a magical moment for me and the sense of accomplishment was priceless.

Wyatt Wagner

Playing Four Swords with Game Boy Advance link cables. I threw a pot and my friend’s screen turned black and he started to freak out like his game was broken. All I saw was him running around aimlessly. With a closer look I realized the pot was stuck on his head! We had no idea it was even possible! I died laughing!

Matthew Stokes

Many years ago now mum brought Ocarina of Time and from there we were both hooked. She then brought Majora’s Mask which continued our love. One Christmas she brought The Wind Waker for herself. I think I was more excited than she was. One night I watched as she played until she went to bed. I hadn’t played for so long. Her mistake was letting me finish off a small quest. She said, “Just finish this part off and turn it off.” When she woke up she was shocked to see I was still playing and had completed the majority of the game. Lets just say she wasn’t too impressed but was happy to see I still enjoyed Zelda despite not having played games since Majora’s Mask.

Kirra Snyder

I was 16 when I went to my first Comicon. I wanted to dress up and cosplay, of course, but I couldn’t decide who I wanted to be. I looked online at shows and books and games I liked, but my heart always led me back to the image of Zelda from Twilight Princess. I knew she was who I wanted to be. So the process began. I didn’t have the money to buy a costume, that meant tons of Goodwill shopping and watching DIY videos. The day came and my costume was complete, with my limited resources I had made a simple Princess Zelda costume that looked… well actually really good! At the Comicon I got to talk to a lot of people, one included a little girl and her father. The father walked up to me, his little girl clutching his shirt and hiding behind him. He asked politely: “Would you take a picture with my daughter? She loves Zelda.” “Of course!” I grinned, peeking around the father to look at the young girl. “Do you know which Zelda I am?” “Twilight Princess Zelda.” She said quietly, smiling just a little. “Wow! You know your stuff!” I laughed, offering my hand so we could get the picture. Her father snapped a few on his phone, thanking me again and again. Before the little girl left she looked at me with big blue eyes. “I want to dress up as Zelda for Halloween, just like you!” she exclaimed, a big cheeky grin on her face. “My brother said that makes me weird, but if you do it, I can too, right?” “Definitely. Never let anyone tell you something you love is weird, especially not Zelda!”

Marsden Gaastra

My older brother got an N64 when I was about 12 and in the summer holidays I spent days playing Ocarina of Time. One of my favourite memories from that game would be hearing the amazing music in Hyrule Field and Gerudo Valley. Then diving off the Gerudo Valley bridge. I loved being able to just dive for what felt like an age. I would dive down, then go out through Lake Hylia, back through Hyrule Field to Gerudo Valley, and jump off the bridge again. I was so happy when I played Skyward Sword and you could just jump off the islands in the sky. It brought back the memories from playing Ocarina of Time in my summer holidays.

Luke Church

Calling in sick so I could be at the shops as soon as they opened to get Zelda: The Wind Waker and then spending the whole day playing it! It felt wrong but was right on so many levels.

Harry Dinius

It was the early summer of 2011, and I had just left all my friends behind after a move from Maine to Virginia. Just after my family arrived at our new house, my Mom offered to buy my sister and I each a game for our 3DS and DSi, respectively, to help take our minds off the tough move. I perused the selection of games at Target and saw Ocarina of Time had just been (re-)released on the 3DS. I knew very little about the Zelda franchise, but that game opened my world up. It provided a new, fantastic space to experience during the long days without any of our possessions (which didn’t arrive for weeks); but the enjoyment didn’t stop there. Through my newfound love for the game, I made several new friends at school based off our shared affinity for the game, and series in general. Those friends were invaluable to my adjustment to a new landscape, and since then I have made other friends often after they remark on the sweet Link t-shirts I now own. Though in retrospect this is a little extreme, at the time it really felt like Ocarina of Time had saved my life!


Shona Johnson
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