Exclusive: Majora’s Mask expert DuncanKneeDeep discusses the brilliance of Majora’s Mask
by on March 19, 2015

Here on Zelda Universe, we enjoy highlighting people who show amazing skill and knowledge in the literal Zelda universe. One such person is Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and Majora’s Mask speedrunner, DuncanKneeDeep. We were recently able to catch up with Duncan and get his thoughts on recent Zelda happenings.

Duncan is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable players of not just Majora’s Mask, but of the Zelda franchise in general. Throughout the course of the interview, we learn of his loyalty towards the Zelda franchise and his fondness of Majora’s Mask which pushed even myself to check out the recent 3D remake.

If you’ve ever expressed interest in Zelda‘s darkest game or wanted to know everything about Majora’s Mask, then look no further than the work of DuncanKneeDeep. This interview is a great place to begin, so read on and learn more about the Zelda expert DuncanKneeDeep and his knowledge of Zelda.

The history behind DuncanKneeDeep’s Zelda experience

Zelda Universe: Hello everybody! Today we are joined by DuncanKneeDeep — a Majora’s Mask lover, a lover of all things Nintendo and Zelda in general. So, thank you for joining today Duncan.

DuncanKneeDeep: No problem, no problem.

ZU: Alright, so, how long have you been a fan of the Zelda franchise and what first brought you into the series?

DKD: I’ve been playing the Zelda franchise since I was 8-years-old. I had the original Legend of Zelda on a NES. I bought a NES from my friend, so my friend had a NES and he had to sell it because his parents grounded him and he wasn’t allowed to have it anymore. So I bought it from my friend and it came with a bunch of games and the game that was in the system was the original Legend of Zelda. And that was it, I never took it out I don’t think. I never played anything else.

ZU: What did you enjoy most about the original Zelda?

DKD: Well it was open world. And people talk about how the new Zelda U is going to be the first open world Zelda and I think that’s a ridiculous thing to say. Maybe the first sandbox Zelda, but certainly not the first open world one because every 3D Zelda game has been technically open world. And the original Legend of Zelda was – I think every Zelda game pretty much is open world. I can’t think of one that isn’t. So yeah I love the open world, I love the exploration, especially the original Legend of Zelda where you didn’t even know where the dungeons were, they were just scattered around, like there was no internet to tell you, there was no, you know, it was all word of mouth on the playground. Like, “Oh my God I found this dungeon here.” “Oh I got the raft here to cross the river.” It was amazing. And the world is just so, I dunno, alive, even though it’s a NES game. I really encourage anybody who hasn’t played it to go back because that world really seemed alive and you cared. So you found a new dungeon, you cared and it was exciting. And that’s the thing, it’s the exploration and the excitement.

ZU: One late game, or the latest game that I can think of that had such a great open world was A Link Between Worlds. Do you feel the open world of A Link Between Worlds is more of a callback to the first Zelda than other Zelda games were?

DKD: I think, yeah, I think definitely. Especially with the non-linear progression and the way A Link Between Worlds sort of presented its world. It was very much – well it was a direct sequel to A Link to the Past. So it was very much reminiscent of A Link to the Past and those old school Zelda games where it was, “We’re dumping you in this world, go out and explore.” And that’s what I loved about A Link Between Worlds and I think they kind of made it easy with the sign posts saying, “You’re going to need this item to get in here.” I mean that, I didn’t agree with that design choice but I understand why they did it because Zelda is currently target to the younger audience. Back in the day it was – every gamer was – they didn’t think about the age of the gamers. They were just like, “We want to make games.” So, you know, when I was young, back six hundred million years ago when I was actually a child, games were, they were games and they weren’t aimed at any specific age group. Games were just made for everybody. And so it was a very different design process I think. But now they think about, “Oh we’re going to have 12 year olds playing this game, now 10 year olds playing this game, we’re going to need to have like little signs to say how to do this.” So I didn’t care that much, but for me I’d have wished there was a pro Zelda mode where it wouldn’t have had those like pointers I think.

“Eiji Aonuma is a genius when it comes to game design.”

ZU: So you prefer these non-linear Zelda games over the more linear games such as possibly Ocarina of Time, Minish Cap, for example? So you prefer the non-linears like the original and A Link Between Worlds?

DKD: I think… It’s difficult. 3D Zelda and top-down Zelda are almost two completely different franchises to me. I love 3D Zelda, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely adore it because of the way that the 3D world is presented, because of the way that things are. It’s less easy to explore because, you know, 3D’s perspective it’s always going to be harder to see everything than a top-down perspective where you can see the entire screen you’re on. You’re on your sort of map tiles and you can see everything on the tile when you walk into the tile and that’s instant. Whereas 3D Zelda they’ve got a… It feels like you’re exploring more but you’re actually exploring less because you’ve got that isometric view, you’ve got that view from behind Link and you can only see a certain number of things. And I think with the free cameras and things they’ve got now in modern games they can slowly come back to the more explorative Zelda, which I think Zelda U is going to be. But I think for now, yeah the exploration factor is better in the 2D Zeldas, in the top-down Zeldas. And that’s my personal opinion. I love both, as I said I like both the 3D and the 2D games but for different reasons.

Before Majora’s Mask 3D

ZU: As long as I can remember, Duncan, you’ve been an avid supporter of Majora’s Mask. Even inspiring myself to finally pick up and complete the game with its new remake. What is it about Majora’s Mask that has gained your undying support for it?

DKD: I played Ocarina of Time, obviously, when it first came out on the N64. And I loved it. I loved Ocarina of Time. But Majora’s Mask, when I first played it, I hated it. And I make this very clear, I despised that game when I turned into Deku Link. Because I thought you had to play the whole game as Deku Link right. So I bought this game – I saved up, I got a job. I was very young, I can’t even remember how old I was, whatever. But I got a job, I saved up and I bought this game. So I bought it for myself and it was the first game I ever bought for myself. And first thing that happens is you get – you’re flipping around with Link and you’ve got these new jumping animations and everything’s really exciting. And then you get turned into a Deku Scrub and I’m like, “I do not want to play a whole game as a Deku Scrub.” And I was quite upset, because obviously I hadn’t read the back of the box properly because it shows that you’ve got multiple transformations, things like that. I just grabbed the game, ripped the box open basically and shoved it in my console and started playing. And I hated that, being the Deku Scrub. And I came back to it a couple of days later and I was like, “I really need to get through this game. My friends have told me that you actually stop being a Deku Scrub. So let’s just get through this Deku Scrub period and become normal Link again.” And then the dark story started coming through and drawing me in and I sat down saying, “Tonight I’m just going to finish the Deku Scrub segment.” I played all night because I had my N64 in my room, biggest mistake my parents ever made. I played all night. The next morning I faked being sick which is very difficult when both of your parents are doctors, let me tell you, you have to really fake it to fake it.

ZU: You literally have to have advanced medical knowledge to fake it.

DKD: Yeah well you have to be able to fake it is what I’m trying to say. But yeah, I played all day, and then I played all night again. That’s the longest I’d ever stayed up, I had maybe a couple of two hour naps or whatever and I finished that game. And then the first thing I did as soon as I finished it: I started a new save file. And I’ve always loved Majora’s Mask, it’s just the way it draws you in. The 3-day-cycle which pressures you to keep going. You’ve got that really great pacing, and even areas of the game that would be poorly paced – and there are areas of the game that would be poorly paced without the 3-day-cycle – are perfectly paced because that pressure pushing you forwards. Especially if you didn’t know about the song of inverse time. That pressure is always pushing you forwards. Always pushing. I mean, Woodfall Temple took me two attempts my first time playing through that game because I did all the monkey and the Deku Palace and everything and then I went to Woodfall and because it was my first time doing it and working everything out, I didn’t reset time before I did Woodfall Temple. And I got about three quarters of the way through Woodfall Temple and I ran out of time, the moon was about to drop. So I had to reset time and I then had to fly back to Woodfall Temple and then I had to restart the whole dungeon and do the whole dungeon again because all the rooms relock, everything resets you know. So I had to do that whole dungeon again. And just that pacing, that pressure, and the dark themes and everything about that game, I love it. It’s very self-contained as well. So everything feels like it’s – you’re affecting everything else. So you change one person’s life in the village, in Clock Town and it changes someone else’s life and that changes someone else’s life. And you’ve got the whole quest with Kafei and Anju, which I discovered by myself. You know, we had to work this stuff out, as I said the internet wasn’t really a thing. We had it, but nobody really used it. It was dial up and it was for adults, you know, so they could email people for work. It wasn’t a thing that kids used to look up guides. So yeah, I dunno, I love that game. It’s my favorite game of all time, it really is.

“Your first playthrough [of Majora’s Mask] should be a 100% playthrough.”

ZU: You bring up a good point about the pacing of Majora’s Mask and even I have to agree that for a lover of Wind Waker especially – Wind Waker being my favorite game of all time – Majora’s Mask compared to Wind Waker just highlights how beautiful the pacing is in Majora’s Mask. Do you feel the pacing in Majora’s Mask is something that more Zelda games need?

DKD: The rapid pacing or the pressure? The time pressure? I’m not sure. It depends on the style of Zelda game. I’d say for an explorative top-down Zelda game it’s the worst thing you can possibly do. But the thing about Majora’s Mask is it was developed in one year. They had one year to make that game. So it’s a small game world. You look at Majora’s Mask’s world and it’s a small world even if you lay everything out, and all the dungeons out and everything, it’s going to take up a lot less space. There’s a lot less environments made for Majora’s Mask than pretty much any other 3D Zelda that I can think of. And it’s a very small game, right, but it’s crammed full of content. And that’s where the 3 day, the high pace thing, matters. Wind Waker if it was paced like, if it was rushed and paced, would be a terrible game. You wouldn’t be able to sail around exploring islands, you wouldn’t be able to stop by, “Oh I see a new island I can stop by.” One of the watch towers with the Moblins at the top, you can’t stop by there if you’re on a 3-day-cycle or if you’re on a timer. So it really depends what the game is. I do wish that Aonuma would come back and make another darker Zelda, a bit more of a pressured Zelda where you feel a little bit more stressed. Because obviously recently Zelda games have been upbeat and positive.

ZU: I feel like Twilight Princess possibly could have used that, because Twilight Princess, you know, it’s a roughly dark game and the twilight expanding, maybe they could have done something with if you take too long the twilight will overcome, you know, everything. Something like that.

DKD: Yeah, a timer in the twilight areas would have been much better than Wolf Link. Like having it so instead of being forced into Wolf Link you just keep playing as Link but you have a certain amount of time before you will die in twilight or something, or before you’ll become a Twili or whatever, would have been fantastic. That’s the kind of thing that we want that time pressure in areas like that because the twilight areas were obviously small, content-packed, you’ve got to get through them as fast as possible small areas. But there was no time pressure there, so all they felt was boring. Because you didn’t have that stress of a timer counting down saying, “You have this long, you have this long.” If there was that stress, even looking for the bugs would have been more exciting because you have to find them, have to find them, instead of going, “Oh, they might be over here, oh they might” – I hate these sections. And that’s the reason I don’t rate Twilight Princess in my top ten and I don’t rate Twilight Princess very highly at all really. And it has some of the best dungeons in Zelda, some of the best bosses in Zelda. It’s got a great story but the wolf sections just drag it down and every time you’re playing, you’re going through the game and you get stuck on these wolf sections and you just, like, “I don’t like it. I don’t like it.” And that’s the example of bad pacing, the wolf sections were terribly paced. So yeah that– you make a very good point, that timing would have been very useful in the twilight areas. The time pressure.

ZU: Before the announcement of Majora’s Mask 3D remake on the Nintendo 3DS, would you have preferred the game to be remade on the Nintendo 3DS or the Nintendo Wii U?

DKD: Oh you’re asking me this, this is a spite question because you already know my opinion on this ‘cause we were talking about this before it was announced, about what, six months ago we were talking about this, which I would prefer?

ZU: Oh yeah, it’s funny how things come out and get announced.

DKD: My answer… Before this was all announced and when we were looking at that Zelda Wii U trailer is what you’re talking about, right, the fan trailer made in Unreal Engine? And I watched that and I went, “I would love it on Wii U.” And then you said, “Would you prefer it on 3DS?” And I was thinking, I’ve gotta say same answer then as now– same answer now as then which is both. Just give us both. Come on, come on Nintendo how hard is it, it’s a remake. Come on, give us both.

ZU: I agree.

DKD: Same for Ocarina of Time. Can we have an HD version of Ocarina of Time please? I mean, I dunno, obviously I prefer it on the 3DS because I can play the original on my Wii U and I still think that the original looks beautiful. I think it’s still a really good looking game even now and yeah dingy environments and polygon models and all of that but I still think it’s a good looking game ‘cause the style is so strong.

ZU: It still looks good, you know a game can have polygons and age well in my opinion. I think Majora’s Mask has aged pretty well.

DKD: Yeah it’s about the style isn’t it? If the game is stylish, it’s got good… I dunno… good design then it doesn’t matter how old it is. You can sort of allow it to get along with it.

The release of Majora’s Mask 3D

ZU: After having played Majora’s Mask 3D for the first time, I feel like this is a game that is meant to be completed 100%. Do you agree or disagree?

DKD: Yes, I completely agree that your first playthrough should be a 100% playthrough. I think that anybody who plays through that game and says, “Oh I’ve completed Majora’s Mask…” Oh cool so you got the Fierce Deity mask, you got all the heart containers, you got everything? “No, no I just beat Majora.” Then no you haven’t completed Majora’s Mask. You can beat Majora in… First play through I think you can beat Majora quite easily in four and a half, five hours for the first time, picking up the game ever as long as you’re good at Zelda. You could beat Majora in four and a half, five hours and you would be missing out on 80% of the content of the game. So yes I think your first play through definitely. Obviously I’m a speed runner of the game, of the original at least. Although by the way, fantastic speed run opportunities. There are force warps to Gyorg, there are all kinds of things that people are discovering. The whole Gibdo mask bottle adventure which is awesome. A bunch of stuff so people want to go and check that out on YouTube they definitely can. But I love speed running this game as well because obviously it adds another time pressure. You’ve got the existing time pressure already and then you’ve got the whole speed running thing. But yeah I think that 3DS is going to be a fantastic game to speed run. And now that I’ve seen the new glitches that coming along, I think I’m going to start speed running it myself, the 3DS version. I think it’s going to be a really interesting run.

ZU: I was actually going to ask that. You’ve done speed runs of Majora’s Mask, how do you feel those speed runs are going to form up in Majora’s Mask 3D compared to the original game? Do you think they’re going to be faster? Do you think they’re going to be more unique?

DKD: Here’s the thing. If you’d asked me this before the game came out based on my experience with Ocarina of Time 3D, I would have said, “Oh it’s going to be slower, it’s going to be basically an 80% run with no glitches because there were no glitches in Ocarina of–” Well there were minimal glitches in Ocarina of Time 3D. Obviously there are glitches, there are glitches in every game, there are glitches that can help a speed run, but it’s minimal. You still have to beat all the temples.

ZU: It’s not Ocarina of Time original.

DKD: It’s not Ocarina of Time original where you can beat it 18 minutes, it’s, you know. Majora’s Mask, the speed run is interesting. It’s about an hour and a half long, the original Majora’s Mask speed run. It’s a nice speed run. It’s very very skill sensitive so you need high degree of skill with all of the glitches and things, as opposed to route oriented, so like Pokemon games would be route oriented, it’s about getting the most efficient route possible and then running it over and over again until you get lucky. Whereas this – the route for Majora’s Mask is pretty much established. Pretty much everybody goes by the same… Like EnNopp and MajinPhil and myself or whatever. And I wouldn’t put myself in the same sentence as those guys, obviously they’re sub-one-thirty, I’m not sub-one-thirty. But everybody’s got a slightly different route but generally it’s about the same. So it’s more about the skill at the glitches that you can do. The thing that interests me about 3D is that these new glitches are quite easy to perform. As they don’t require high skill, they don’t require a specific frame, frame perfect tricks or anything like that. They’re quite easy glitches to perform so anybody can speed run this game. Which means that the pressure is going to be on. Coming up with the new route. That’s where the pressure’s going to be on for 3DS, it’s going to be on who can come up with the best route, who can come up with new shortcuts, who can come up with new innovative ways to do different parts of the game instead of following the standard route that everybody else does. Because with Majora’s Mask at the moment you just follow the standard route that everybody else does and you do it as well as you possibly can. And then the person who is fastest and most skillful at the particular glitches is going to be the person who wins. Now it’s going to be the thinkers, it’s the thinkers’ speed run for 3D. So it’s the person who can think of the new, innovative, best ways to get around the maps, best ways to get here, there, wherever. Obviously it’s still going to have a degree of skill but I think it’s interesting.

“[Majora’s Mask] is the greatest game ever made. There’s nothing more to say.”

ZU: Do you believe Majora’s Mask 3D is going to be that game that is going to get a lot new gamers into the speed running community?

DKD: I hope so and… Oh I should have mentioned I think that the Majora’s Mask 3D speed run will be faster than the Majora’s Mask original speed run which I think is a bit of a– adds a twist. I don’t think anybody expected that because the ability to skip multiple temples, I mean you can skip to any boss pretty much with the force warp as long as you get the timing right and the area right. I mean you can skip anywhere. So yeah. And then obviously there’s the fourth day, you can get into the dawn of the fourth day now. Except it say, “Dawn of the Second Day” but then 79 hours remaining and things like that. It’s really cool, it’s really cool.

ZU: That’s interesting. I going to have to try some of these glitches out myself.

DKD: Yeah. I can show you how to do them, that’s fine.

ZU: Ok so. There are several changes present in Majora’s Mask 3D compared to the original game. One such change is how bosses are fought. So what are your thoughts on the various boss battle changes in Majora’s Mask 3D?

DKD: Odowla is a good change, makes the boss – they removed the ability to crouch, stab block him which is interesting. I mean they nerfed crouch stabbing in Ocarina of Time so I knew that they were going to nerf it in this but I thought maybe stab blocking would still work. But even though that they’ve removed that it’s actually very very fast to kill him. I my play through I think I killed him in less than a minute.

ZU: Yeah to be honest I was actually surprised myself he was so easy to beat.

DKD: Yeah so very very easy but you use the trick with the popping out of the Deku Nuts and all of that. It’s much more interesting fight instead of just dodge the sword, shoot him with the bow, slash him a bit, dodge the sword, shoot him with the bow. There’s that added thing and if you can beat him in a certain amount of time you can actually stop him from summoning bugs and things so there’s a lot of fun around how fast you can beat him, how well you can beat him. And then we go on to Goht and Goht frustrates me because in some ways I love the changes that they’ve made because you’ve got to race him and you’ve got to jump and hit him on the back to knock him… And then turn back to normal Link and shoot the eye. But at the same time it’s a bit clunky because you’re turning backwards and forwards from Goron and you’re trying to shoot the eye but if you hit him in the legs to knock him over then he falls over and then the eye comes out and you punch the eye and I wish that they’d just stuck with one. So then maybe have it so you have to jump and hit him to knock him over but if you do knock him over he falls on his side and you can just punch the eye as Goron Link. Because I think that should have been a Goron Link fight. I mean the way it’s all set with riding round in circles and things it should be Goron Link’s fight I think. Then we get on to Gyorg. I love the new Gyorg fight. Like who doesn’t – I’m not going to spoil that one because that fight isn’t just a slight change. They have completely revamped the second stage. Completely. So I won’t spoil that for anybody but it’s great. It’s so exciting, it’s really really fun , I love the way they’ve done it, forcing you to use Zora Link. It’s brilliant, I love that. So the Gyorg fight is brilliant. Twinmold, pretty much the same as before. There’s no real changes to Twinmold.

ZU: What do you feel are some of the most useful changes to Majora’s Mask 3D?

DKD: I like the new Song of Double Time. I mean who doesn’t? The new Song of Double Time is wonderful. Being able to skip to any hour you want, makes things like the Anju/Kafei quest so much faster. Makes things like, oh you want to save the bomb lady on the first night because you want to get the All Night Mask, okay just skip straight to the time she gets mugged, you don’t have to skip to the night and then wait six hours you know, it’s just skip straight to midnight, she gets mugged, save her, done. Really really efficient, really saves things. The new Owl Statue system, I was really against it at first because of 3 day runs, but since the 3 day run has been made impossible because Nintendo have no idea about any kind of challenge community, and they don’t care about their community… I’m sorry I’m a bit, a bit salty about that one. But since the 3 day run is now impossible obviously I don’t care anymore about the Owl Statue saves, in fact I find it convenient especially when you’re trying to record a play through and trying to show a certain section it’s nice to be able to save and copy your save just in case something goes wrong and you’re trying to do a trick to speed things up and sometimes that trick will slow you down. Or in my case the only time in my entire play through that came in handy was I saved at the entrance to Snowhead Temple and because I play with my 3DS in my hands but I’m looking at my monitor I didn’t realize that my 3DS had come unplugged and it just died halfway through the temple. And if I hadn’t done that I’ve had to go all the way back to the last time I reset time which was a long time before, yeah. So that was really handy. So I like the new Owl system save thing. The new feather save points as well. Which leads to more glitches. There’s a feather save statue glitch to get into Ikana Canyon early so that too. But yeah it’s all pretty cool. I like the changes I think they’ve made good changes in general, a couple of changes I despised but in general they’ve made good changes.

ZU: Alright. Of the many masks, and I mean many masks, available in Majora’s Mask 3D, which would you say is your favorite, and which would you say is the most useful?

DKD: Ooooh. Favorite: The Bremen Mask. I like marching around making dogs follow me and just dropping bars and just dropping a sick new beat. Nah I love the Bremen Mask just because marching around and having animals follow you is cool and there’s a couple of really cool features. For example the mini-boss in Ikana Castle. You can make the skeletons follow you around, march around with the Bremen Mask and they’ll follow around, it’s all very cool so I had a lot of fun with that. I loved the Bremen Mask, I always have. I think it looks cool too. I wish you could use your sword with it out but you know, can’t do everything. Most useful: Bunny Hood. Oh God the Bunny Hood. I mean, it doubles your running speed and that is going to be really really handy to anybody trying to beat this game because there’s a lot of running backwards and forwards in this game in case anybody doesn’t know. So the Bunny Hood is definitely the most useful. And the best thing about that is you get the Bremen Mask very easily and then use the Bremen Mask to get the Bunny Hood so you know you have to get the cool mask in order to get to the most useful one.

ZU: I usually use the Bunny Hood. I don’t think I really ever used Epona. I was always running around or warping with the Bunny Hood. I’m not sure I actually really used Epona that much so.

DKD: Other than using Epona to get over the walls?

ZU: Yeah the walls in Ikana Canyon.

DKD: Yeah, who does? I mean Epona is a pain, you have to summon her with the Epona song and then she barely runs faster than the Bunny Hood anyway. Goron Link rolls much much faster than Epona so if you want to get around that fast then you just put on your Goron Mask. Epona’s pretty useless.

ZU: And I have to agree with the Bremen Mask. I actually… Most of the time when I was going to a boss battle I was marching into the boss battle, I’m like, “Oh Link let’s go get them done.”

DKD: That’s how it’s done.

ZU: In the United States the initial sales of Majora’s Mask 3D are nearly double that of the initial sales of A Link Between Worlds and in Europe, where you’re from, while the initial sales of Majora’s Mask 3D aren’t quite as—aren’t quite double of A Link Between Worlds they’re still high. What would you credit the strong sales numbers towards?

DKD: Huge amount of hype for Majora’s Mask 3D. It’s been something people have been waiting for for a long time. People have been asking for it, there were campaigns you know, Moonfall and things like that to get Majora’s Mask 3D made. So we obviously are happy that Majora’s Mask 3D has been made. And people have bought… I mean I bought what, three copies of the collector’s edition in the UK because I wanted to give one to Cobanermani456 as a gift, I wanted one for my collection, I wanted one to open. Then I’ve got the special edition Majora’s Mask 3D which comes with the game. I bought two of them. So obviously there are people like me who are completely obsessed, who will buy multiple copies. With A Link Between Worlds I bought two copies, one for the collection and one to play and that’s it. That’s done and it’s things like that. And obviously the other thing is that A Link Between Worlds I feel was marketed very poorly. Very very poorly marketed. I don’t think it was advertised anything like as much as it should have been. So I think that it’s a combination of those two factors. The nostalgia factor and the marketing.

Speculation on other Zelda topics

ZU: With the release of Majora’s Mask 3D are there any other Zelda games that you’d like to see remade in the future?

DKD: Oh, the thing is, Twilight Princess always looked, already looked better than it would on 3DS. So Twilight Princess, which is the logical next step in a remake looks better already. What I would love, and I think will never see it, is Link Between Worlds graphics, original Legend of Zelda.

ZU: That sounds really cool actually.

DKD: Not enough people have played the original Legend of Zelda. Change nothing. None of the text, don’t overdo the story, just literally transplant the graphics from A Link Between Worlds, like Mario Maker where you can switch between the graphics settings.

ZU: Oh yeah.

DKD: Literally just that. The exact game as it was back in the 90s, back when I was a child, and Link Between Worlds graphics. Make it look pretty. And that’s all I want. That’s the only remake other than, oh Minish Cap remake with Link Between Worlds graphics would be nice too.

ZU: Oh that would be nice. I love Minish Cap.

DKD: Yeah me too. I love The Minish Cap. Ah, the Mole Mitts, digging around. Plus Minish Cap with StreetPass settings would work really well with…

ZU: The stones, the Kinstones

DKD: Yeah I think they could do Kinstones they could trade it for in—they could change it from in-game to StreetPass. Which I think would be cool.

ZU: That was always something I kind of fell on. I was always unaware what to do with the Kinstones most of the time so that would be really useful. In fact, you bring up Mario Maker. What if there was a Zelda maker for the original Legend of Zelda where you could play the game either with new graphics—

DKD: Sorry, if they re-launched it and let people make their own dungeons and things?

ZU: Or play the original.

DKD: Yeah that’s what I mean, so they rerelease the original and then in the original have a Zelda maker option where people make their own dungeons and things. I think that’d be good, I think it’d be interesting to see what the communities come up with. I know that I’d make some dastardly difficult dungeons. I’d be having rooms with Iron Nuts just surrounding me. 40 Iron Nuts in…

ZU: First level.

DKD: Yeah, first room. You don’t even have your sword yet. You have to beat them to get your sword. You just get bombs.

ZU: Oh. I’ve heard that’s terrible.

DKD: Yeah I think that’d be interesting. I think that’s a really good idea but I don’t think Nintendo would ever do it. But then I never thought Nintendo would do a Mario maker so. I’ve been wrong before.

Final thoughts on Majora’s Mask 3D

ZU: Jumping back to Majora’s Mask, what is your favorite sidequest. What is your favourite character development in Majora’s Mask 3D?

DKD: I love the Postman’s character development as time goes on. He sticks to his schedule he sticks to his schedule, he sticks to his schedule and then he panics. I love that. I love that character development there, that string. I love the Zoras, the Zora band, the whole story around the Zora band and if you do all of the side quests around the Zora band where you jam with, oh what’s his name, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten, and then you can teach the song by turning back into normal Link to the band leader and then he’ll give you a piece of heart to keep quiet that he’s stolen the song.

ZU: Yeah.

DKD: Things like that. I love the Zora band so I think they’re really cool. The big fat drummer as well makes me laugh ‘cause he’s just, he’s a throwback to the Zora king. I think the Zoras are my favorite species in Majora’s Mask just because of the changes they’ve made to them. The Zoras are a much more fun loving people it appears; they’re much more lively than they are in Ocarina of Time or in any other Zelda game really. They’re the musical people as well and Zelda has always been about music. So yeah I think my favorite side, my favorite character development is the Postman and I think that’s a strange one. Or the Sword Master. The Sword Master’s the other one, where he’s sitting there and when you talk to him and he says, “True masters would never be scared of the moon falling you know. We never panic.” And then if you go to him after midnight on the last day and you go to the sword school he’s gone, he’s missing but you can smash the board at the back of the room and go into like a hidden room at the back and he’s just there shaking and crying. I think that’s really funny. I like those ones where it’s people being stoic and then cracking. I like that in Majora’s Mask.

ZU: Then you have the carpenter leader who’s just laughing there, he’s like, “I’m not doing anything.”

DKD: Yeah I’m not leavin’, we’re doing the Festival of Time. Or Anju and Kafei is obviously a huge side quest that obviously impacts anybody who does it to a great extent and then you have to do it a second time and you hate it. So I dunno.

ZU: You know what I realized is it’s, you know, even with you know the moon’s going to fall and everyone’s going to die and things like that but there’s also, you know, the character development. For example, Romani being invited to her big sister’s room on the last night, sort of to say “we’re going to spend our last night together”, Romani doesn’t really know what’s happening. Or Anju and Kafei, they’re going to wait until morning together, and you know if you don’t save the world that day they’re basically.. you already know without spoiling it…

DKD: They’re dead, yeah.

ZU: Mhmm. So it’s you know a very dark but also touching game as well.

DKD: Yeah I think they put a lot of thought and effort into the side quests. I mean, Eiji Aonuma is a genius when it comes to game design, for making characters seem real so I love all of the side quests but I do have to say that the character development I like the small side quest characters you never really think. The way, the reason I really like it for example the Sword Master is you never think they’d bother to change his behavior right at the end. Like why would they bother doing that? It doesn’t even award you with anything so it’s not even required that you see that for 100%. But they added that in just to make the world seem more alive, to make the world seem more real. And I like that.

ZU: Would you say Majora’s Mask, I mean, something I’ve realized is that every character has something about them. And I didn’t think about that you know at first when I first got into the game but every character except for like maybe one or two random NPCs in Great Bay say something useful, have advice, or interact with you in a unique way. Would you say this is one of the best games for NPCs?

DKD: Oh definitely yeah. As I said, the world seems alive because every NPC has their behaviors and everybody seems like a real character. You know there’s no filler characters, I mean you look at any other game, you look at Mass Effect, you’ve got a million filler characters. You go to Halo, or you—the Marines are indistinguishable from each other.

ZU: And Skyrim.

DKD: Yeah Skyrim. Oh my God Skyrim, all the guards for some reason take an arrow to the knee. I mean who’s going around firing people with…

ZU: Exactly. Link? Link?

DKD: But that’s the thing, in Majora’s Mask every character is different. There aren’t stock characters, there aren’t filler characters. Every character has their own thing to say. Even the different workmen who all look the same, have different things to say, have different personalities. Some of them are scared, some of them are brave, the leader is obviously completely nuts.

ZU: Yes.

DKD: It’s great.

ZU: Do you have any advice or tips for those who are picking up Majora’s Mask for the first time?

DKD: Don’t use a guide. Don’t watch a video. Don’t use a guide. Play it through, get as much as you can, so beat the four dungeons, get as much stuff as you can ‘cause you can never miss anything in Majora’s Mask because you can always go back. Always go back in time and do it again. So get everything you can before you go to the moon. You should be able to get everything except for four heart pieces and the Fierce Deity Masks before… Fierce Deity Masks, multiple? Oh God. Fierce Deity Mask before you…

ZU: What are you not telling me?

DKD: So if you have all of the heart pieces except for them and the masks except the Fierce Deity then you’re ready to go to the moon. But before that do as much as you can without a guide, and then use a guide to fill in the gaps. Don’t use guides from the get-go. Don’t watch my play through and follow it, you know, blindly. I do appreciate that some people are doing that and I respect them for doing that, maybe they’ve played the game before. But if it is your first ever play though do it without a guide. Do yourself a favor. Go back in time to when I was 12 years old or whatever and go back in time to that same time and play through the game without a guide. And just ignore the internet, ignore spoilers and just enjoy the game. I mean I’m probably too late if you’re reading this interview but try.

ZU: Why do you feel gamers should check out Majora’s Mask 3D even if they’re not Nintendo, even if they’re not Zelda fans? Why should gamers check out Majora’s Mask?

DKD: It is the greatest game ever made. There’s nothing more to say. It is the greatest game ever made. Objectively and completely, and if you think otherwise I respect your opinion but you’re wrong.

ZU: Alright. Well, as Duncan has said if you have not picked up Majora’s Mask 3D do so as soon as possible. Myself, I went into it with not knowing what to expect. I wasn’t sure, I was a big Ocarina of Time fan but Majora’s Mask honestly is one of the greatest games of all time. And if you are looking for help for Majora’s Mask 3D and you, you know, make sure you follow Duncan’s advice if you have played it already, be sure to check out his playthrough on YouTube. We’ll have a link to that in the description.

DKD: I feel like I mentioned that play through too many times in this. Shameless self-promotion.

ZU: Anyway Duncan thank you for joining me for this, I hope you enjoyed it.

DKD: It’s been a pleasure.

Thank you DuncanKneeDeep for taking the time to answer our many Majora’s Mask questions. If you’d like to know more about DuncanKneeDeep online, be sure to check out his Twitch and YouTube Channel and follow him on Twitter for up-to-date information on all of his projects. As we mentioned, he does have a full 100% walkthrough of Majora’s Mask 3D on his channel, so be sure to check that out for Majora’s Mask 3D help and entertainment!

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