Between Nintendo’s new game vouchers and regular discounts on the eShop, buying games digitally is becoming a better deal all the time. And although Super Mario Maker 2 will only use a paltry 2.8GB of space, larger Switch titles such as Breath of the Wild take up over 14GB. Since the Switch only has 32GB of internal storage, most users will likely need to pick up a microSD card sooner or later.

This new microSD card from SanDisk could be the last card you ever need if you can afford the high price tag. It boasts a whopping 1TB of storage, more than enough for a huge collection of Nintendo Switch eShop titles. But there’s a catch: It’s currently listed as unavailable on Amazon, and even on sale it was priced at $449.99. For that much, you could buy a whole new Nintendo Switch, along with two full-priced games.

Although it’s incredible to see 1TB microSD cards hitting the market, right now you might be better off with a 400GB option. That’s nearly enough to download Breath of the Wild 30 times over, and currently will only set you back $99.99.

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