This year’s E3 show starts exactly four weeks from today, but Nintendo seems to be filling the “calm before the storm” with at least one last announcement. They announced that a Super Mario Maker 2 Direct would be coming tomorrow, May 15. You can catch the stream directly when it starts at 3pm PST.

While we are mostly big fans of Nintendo in general, the reason we’re posting this here is the likelihood that the new Mario Maker will feature Zelda amiibo integration. Previously, all Smash Bros. figures with Zelda characters could upload little sprites of the character to play on NES-styled levels. The last game update made a Midna and Wolf Link sprite to accompany the figure that came packed in with Twilight Princess HD. Since then, we’ve seen the release of the 30th anniversary Zelda amiibo, as well as a batch for Breath of the Wild. All this means that we could have a whole extra set of Zelda sprites, assuming the support works the same.

We shall find out what’s next for the game tomorrow. Once we do, we’ll be happy to share more information with you!