First 4 Figures, a company well-known for its highly detailed sculptures of various video game and other fantasy franchises, recently posted a production diary showcasing updates to the latest version of the “True Form Midna” statue.

In the video, Director Alex Davis walks viewers through the specific changes made to the still-in-production resin statue of the Princess of Twilight, which is slated for release sometime in Q3 of this year. Three versions are planned for distribution: the Regular version simply features Midna standing proudly atop a base with a Mirror of Twilight design, while the Exclusive and Definitive editions embellish her hair with glowing LED lights, among other bonuses. All versions are treated with glow-in-the-dark paint on Midna’s cloak.

"True Form Midna" statue photo from First 4 Figures

Midna is the seventh installment in First 4’s Twilight Princess line, joining Ganondorf, Princess Zelda, Wolf Link and Midna, and others. Due to the limited release of the statues, all but True Form Midna are unfortunately unavailable. As of this post her Regular edition is available here for pre-order, priced at $484.99.

Watch First 4’s video below, and be sure to check out photos of the previous sculptures as well on their website.