The next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event will feature Spirits from the Zelda franchise, beginning worldwide Friday, February 15 and lasting through Monday, February 18. Titled “Power, Wisdom, and Courage,” certain Spirits from Hyrule (and beyond) will appear more frequently, and players will earn more gold than usual after conquering their challenges.

The below list shows the 25 total Spirits that will be part of the event. Two Spirits — “Link (The Legend of Zelda)” and “Wind Fish” — are Legend class, meaning their Spirit Battles will be much tougher but will also yield more powerful Spirits you can equip in later fights. Both will appear on a scheduled basis at 12am and 12pm local time and 6am and 6pm local time, respectively.

Din Spirit Battle featuring Zelda

Here are the featured Spirits you’ll find on the board:

  • Agahnim
  • Cucco
  • Deku Link
  • Dimitri
  • Din
  • Fairy Bottle
  • Goron
  • Great Fairy
  • Happy Mask Salesman
  • Kaepora Gaebora
  • Kafei
  • Like Like
  • Link (The Legend of Zelda) (Legend class)
  • Malon
  • Marin
  • Moblin
  • Moosh
  • Nayru
  • Octorok
  • Postman
  • ReDead
  • Ricky
  • Tektite
  • Wind Fish (Legend class)
  • Zora

Now that the Spirit Board allows for co-op play (as of update 2.0.0), it’s the perfect opportunity to grab a friend and challenge some Spirits. Don’t miss this event if you’re looking to complete your Zelda Spirit collection!