When we discovered that our friend chuggaaconroy was planning a new Let’s Play series on Phantom Hourglass, there was no way that we were going to let him have all the fun. This week, we’ll be celebrating The Legend of Zelda’s first DS title!

Phantom Hourglass is a rather strange installment in the Zelda series. These days, it doesn’t get mentioned as much as its big console counterparts, but back when it launched in 2007, it was a huge success in the midst of the worldwide DS craze. Since then, it has polarized players; the “casual” approach to the gameplay left some veterans disappointed, but also welcomed many newcomers to the franchise.

We will be dedicating our regular columns to Phantom Hourglass this week, so don your sailor’s caps and get ready to weigh anchor! Let us know your thoughts, highlights and criticisms of the game too, as we embark back on charted waters.