Merchoid has revealed four new premium officially licensed Zelda bags. First up (and my personal favorite) is the “Little Voice Inside My Head” Navi handbag. This light blue purse comes decorated with a Navi tassel, the map of Hyrule on the strap, and a subtle Triforce design imprinted on the fabric.

Our favorite enthusiastically helpful fairy has another bag designed after her: the “Got Your Back” mini backpack. This cute little bag has wings like Navi’s on the top and bottom, and includes a Navi charm. The inner lining of the zipped enclosures is printed with the map of Hyrule. Having a width of 7.5 inches and standing 7.25 inches in height, it’s not quite big enough to carry your Switch, but you’ll still be able to store your 3DS or 2DS.

Now if you’re looking to pack a Mighty Banana or some not-so-dubious food, the Hylian Shield “It’s Dangerous to Eat Alone” lunch bag is the way to go.

And lastly for those evenings that call for a bit of elegance but you still may need to defend yourself, the Hylian shield shoulder bag is an excellent choice. This features a metal chain strap and zips completely, so there’s no need to worry about losing your Rupees.

Both Navi bags are available for pre-order, with the mini backpack priced at $42.99 and the handbag at $49.99. The Hylian Shield lunch bag and shoulder bag are both sold out, but you can signup for an email notification from Merchoid if any come back in stock.