The Hero of Time has been well acquainted with Unreal Engine 4 for a while now, with an assortment of footage which might have only been daringly dreamt of back in 1998, when Ocarina of Time was first released on the Nintendo 64. This week, however, new footage from Aklar_45‘s fan mod project shows Link battling with Ocarina of Time’s Bongo Bongo in stunning 3D visuals.

In the footage, Link drops down to the daunting depths of the eerie Shadow Temple to engage with the musically inept boss. The joust showcases the breath-taking visuals that Unreal Engine 4 is capable of, being careful not to stray away from the art style envisioned by the game originally.

The video is best watched in HD so be sure to double check the quality settings.

Update: There’s now a VR version available for download too!

Source YouTube