Nintendo Australia and Nintendo of Europe want to see you get crazy creative with Nintendo Labo, and they’re putting up an epic contest with some unique collector’s items up for those willing to create cardboard art.

Nintendo Labo, if you haven’t heard, currently has two kits (with a third on the way) providing you with perforated cardboard sheets that can be cut out and combined to create physical objects called Toy-Cons that can interact with the Nintendo Switch. The first kit — the Variety Kit — can create two RC cars, a fishing rod, a house, a motorbike, and a functioning piano, whereas the second kit — the Robot Kit — creates a robotic backpack and visor that transform you into an epic mech in the game. Aside from this, Nintendo offers the Customization Set, which provides colored tape, stencils, and stickers for you to decorate your creations so they don’t look quite like the cardboard they’re made out of.

But why stop there? In their competition, Nintendo wants you to bust out your pens, markers, paints, and even engineering and game design to take their cardboard extravaganza even further!

There are several ways to compete in this competition. In Australia and New Zealand, what category you can enter is strictly determined by age: If you’re 12 years or older, you’ll enter as a Teen or Adult, whereas those 11 and under will register as Kids. In Europe, the Kids bracket is everyone aged 3-12; however, older entrants can choose whether to enter into the Customizations division — where you’re simply decorating one of the existing Toy-Cons to your heart’s content — or the Creations division — where you use the Toy-Con Garage to create a brand new cardboard toy that can perform whatever you want.

And the prizes are pretty impressive. The winners of each category in both of the contests will win a true collector’s item, a rare custom-painted Nintendo Switch inspired by Nintendo Labo. Runners-up in both contests will receive Joy-Cons, also painted in Nintendo Labo cardboard brown. (In Europe, both the finalists and the grand prize winner will also receive a copy of the upcoming Vehicle Kit for Nintendo Labo as well.)

Need some inspiration on what to create? If you’re short on ideas on what you can possibly build, don’t hesitate to head over to the North American Labo site to find inspiration from their winners. Or you could take a look at this entry from the North American contest (the contest is, sadly, already over and done with) who painted her piano with Link, Zelda, and the four Champions from Breath of the Wild:

Or how about this entry from Japan who used the Toy-Con Garage to create a working Legend of Zelda treasure chest, complete with that “Item Get!” music:

If you don’t have Nintendo Labo yet, you’ve still got time to enter! Both the Oceanic and European contests end on September 7, just about a month away. But don’t delay as you can spend hours just building some of the Toy-Cons, much less decorating them!