Zelda fans: The time has come for me to write something on this website again that is absolutely not about Zelda but they’re letting me talk about it anyway. That’s right, it’s time for me to spread my Metroid agenda by telling you all about MHQthon 2018, an annual Metroid charity marathon with the goal of taking your money and giving it to kids instead.

Like our own “Zelda for Eternity” marathon, MetroidHQ puts on a yearly Metroid marathon for Child’s Play Charity, who provides age-appropriate games to kids in hospitals and shelters. All players will play through every single Metroid game over the course of one weekend, with a few extra games played if some donation incentives are met. MHQthon goes live on MetroidHQ and Twitch this Friday, August 3 at 12pm PDT.

Everyone here at Zelda Universe and I hope to see you there this weekend to support the charity and also to support Metroid. Because, come on guys. Metroid really needs the support. You know it and I know it.

MHQthon Schedule

Source MetroidHQ