Although Link is an iconic character in his own right, the titular Zelda herself is just as iconic. I always liked Zelda as a character more than most princesses in fiction simply because she’s not content to just sit around and allow things to happen. If anything she’s the primary reason Link can even succeed in many of the games.

For the longest time, my favorite interpretation of her was from Skyward Sword. She had a lot of spunk and attitude and it gave her a lot of character depth as a result. I looked forward to every single interaction with her since she was so full of vim and vigor, and she didn’t take any guff from anyone, least of all Groose. But little did I know that just a single game later that Breath of the Wild Zelda would very quickly be my new favorite.

Breath of the Wild is often criticized for not having much of a plot, but I disagree simply because the characters have a lot more personality and depth to them thanks to the flashbacks scattered about. Seeing all the things both Link and Zelda went through that lead up to the events in the game was both warmed my hear and broke it in many ways. This is due in large part to Zelda and how she learned to deal with her responsibilities and her ultimate destiny as the princess. It was this combined with her interactions with Link that solidified her as my new favorite in all the various incarnations in the series.

When I saw this piece simply titled “Zelda” by the extremely talented Seuyan, I was immediately enthralled. The entire picture itself captures Zelda’s character as a whole, from the simple facial expression that belies her feelings to the excellent background choice, which helps give a rather melancholic feel to the whole piece. I also love the watercolor feel going on here as well. It gives a very soft feeling to the piece while also really emphasizing both the style of the artist and giving it a feel all its own. It’s a spectacular piece and Seuyan most certainly has a lot of talent and love for what they do.

Zelda is one of my favorite characters in games. She’s a strong character with enough personality to not make her bland or boring in any way, and I love seeing her take more active roles in games. It makes me happy to see folks like Seuyan creating pieces like this one, and hopefully future Zelda games will continue to expand this wonderful character and we can see her evolve as a character even further.