There are many moments in the Zelda franchise where we see Link sleeping comfortably in his bed. The hero of legend needs a good night’s sleep to help him fight the evils that threaten Hyrule, but what clothing does one need to help attain an optimal level of sleep? As we never see Link change from his pajamas, it must be a tunic that is both comfortable for sleep, and battle ready for those lazy mornings where you don’t want to get dressed.

Well, ThinkGeek has you covered, releasing two new Zelda-inspired sleepwear items. The first is in the style of Link’s classic green tunic, the iconic look that everyone will recognize. The second is of the recent Champion’s Tunic from Breath of the Wild, in that new striking blue we all now know and love. Thankfully the buckles and belts on these items are just patterns on the clothing, ensuring you can rest comfortably.

Source ThinkGeek