Food and cooking are integral components of Breath of the Wild, for more than just health restoration purposes. Breath of the Wild allowed players to create their own dishes that not only restored health, but also granted stat bonuses, including resistance to the elements, increased defense, and more. Specific locations in the game are too harsh for Link to traverse on his own, and if you don’t have the armor needed to protect him, players could create potions or dishes that would protect him for certain periods of time.

While these recipes and concoctions are based off of fictitious ingredients, Etsy shop owner ShatteredStore is taking preorders for a Zelda-themed cookbook with real life ingredients. Illustrated from a team of fan artists, the cookbook is filled with recipes by chef Bryan Connor and Diana Ault of FictionFood. As you can tell, the cookbook attempts to mimic your average cooking magazine.

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All 12 recipes are easy enough for the most inexperienced chef to cook, ranging from fresh pies to meat skewers. Each recipe will also include commentary from Breath of the Wild characters.

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Hyrule: Taste of the Wild has 32 pages, retails for $20, and is available for preorder on Etsy. You can expect your copy of the cookbook to ship mid-July.

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