I don’t know about you guys, but after a long day of slaying Moblins and Stalfos, I’ve usually got an appetite the size of Jabu Jabu. With the amount of monster hunting our heroes often do in games, I always appreciate scenes that show them enjoying a well-deserved meal. Although the Zelda series is not quite there yet (unless you count Link wolfing down a skewer in Breath of the Wild), we can imagine what it would be like for Link in this wonderful piece of fan art by ghostgreen.

First off, can I draw attention to how amazingly ghostgreen has portrayed Talon? Not only is he too short to touch the floor with his feet, but we can see him poking his legs forward, with boots kicked off revealing his socks, like a very hungry, eager child. It’s adorable! Adding to that is his beaming eyes focused on the cooked ham, with fork and knife ready in hand. I love that it shows he’s thrilled for what Malon’s prepared – that her food is really something to drool over. And I agree, it looks delicious.

dinner at lon lon ranch fan art by ghostgreen

Link also appears pleased by what Malon’s brought to the table, waiting patiently to be served. With his hat hanging off the chair’s back and his hands folded, he looks very relaxed and appreciative to receive such a delightful meal. It’s a moment of respite for our hero — a real family moment that he’s likely never had or doesn’t get very often — where he gets to sit down to a healthy, hearty meal. It’s a moment where he gets to enjoy the company of a hard-working ranch owner and kind-hearted, motherly Malon, in a simple yet homey dining room.

Last but by absolutely no means least, Malon looks so wonderful in this drawing. While I’d normally protest a little to a stereotypical portrayal of a woman cooking dinner for the men, she looks so content presenting that ham to Link and Talon that I can’t be mad. Her beaming grin and smiling eyes show that love and care went into this meal and she’s overjoyed to be lending a hand.

They look like the perfect family, dontcha think? P.S. that may or may not be me supporting MaLink.