The Mirro Shaz Shrine will forever be burned into my memory. I feel like Mirro Shaz himself came and branded my brain like I was a cow and he the farmer — and the brand in this situation would be a sledgehammer. In my own opinion, this shrine remains a stain on the great legacy of Breath of the Wild. I’m sure the amount of people that have gone to the insane asylum over this shrine is staggering.

Also known as Tempered Power, it features three parts. The first part includes a ball and a sledgehammer. The player is to use Stasis on the ball and then hit it with the sledgehammer enough times to propel it into a hole on the opposite side of the room. The second part of the Shrine features a block that the player will use Stasis on and then whack until enough power is built into it. After Stasis wears off, the block will collide into a platform, which will fall revealing a path to reach the Spirit Orb. The third part, while optional, features a similar setup to the first part. A majority of players’ frustration comes from this part of the Shrine.

The Mirro Shaz Shrine has two major flaws: The sledgehammer provided in the shrine is breakable, and the section with the treasure is unclear and unrealistic in difficulty. Both of these problems are not major issues on their own, but together they inhibit gameplay and experimentation. The sledgehammer’s lack of durability limits the amount of times a player can experiment with the mechanics of the Shrine. Considering the Shrine’s great difficulty, the sledgehammer should operate similarly to the One-Hit Obliterator, a weapon from the Ballad of Champions DLC. The item never breaks, only recharges after two uses, and when the trial ends or the player leaves, the item disappears from the inventory. Making the sledgehammer act similarly to the One-Hit Obliterator would allow players to experiment more freely with the mechanics of the Shrine.

The section with the treasure, while not necessary, is the part of the Shrine that causes people to rip out their hair. I’ve given up on this part in the past because I did not find the treasure, a Giant Ancient Core, worth the frustration. My biggest issue was how, with the sledgehammer, five hits on the ball would propel it just short of the hole and six hits would blast it over the hole. I could never figure out how to get the ball into the hole, and I always thought those structures that were around the hole needed to be used in some way.

At this point, my sledgehammers were both broken and I refused to waste my good swords on a fool’s conquest. The consensus on the internet regarding this seems to be five hits using the sledgehammer and one hit using a spear (one hit from the sledgehammer equals two hits from a spear). The fact that people are using a spear to propel the ball into the hole perplexes me because the shrine should already be giving the player the tools needed to succeed, like every other shrine in the game.

The tools for success should be given to the player, but they are not

The shrines in Breath of the Wild are fun because they can be done at almost any point in the game, and they give the player the tools necessary to complete every part of the shrine. Mirro Shaz’s Tempered Power is the sole shrine in the game that spits on this concept. This is the aspect of the shrine that irks me the most: The tools for success should be given to the player, but they are not and many people have to resort to looking online to find the proper amount of hits to give to the ball. I never wanted to look up any aspect of this game during my playthrough and as a result, this shrine went uncompleted because I couldn’t figure out the part with the treasure.

Instead, I got sick of breaking my sledgehammer and gave up on grabbing the treasure. That experience killed a piece of my pride as I could only grab the Spirit Orb and leave the shrine in disappointment. Fortunately, one dirty speck is not enough to justify returning a game as beautiful as Breath of the Wild. Hopefully, the game designers learned from this failure of a shrine and won’t make anything this stupid or obnoxious ever again.

Here is a video of a successful run at the shrine that involves getting both chests. However, the person uses a spear and the sledgehammer in his run.