A lot of remixes we get on here are often reorchestrated tracks, which is fantastic. But for this week’s highlight, I thought I’d go in a different direction with something electronic. I immediately loved this Deku Palace Electro Remix by Ben ‘Flibster’ Hayward when I first heard it years ago, and have come back to it every now and then ever since. I’ve always wanted to share it with others, as it deserves more recognition. And now I’ve got that opportunity!

The original Deku Palace track in Majora’s Mask is so upbeat and lively, perfectly matching the Deku Scrubs’ personalities, and I love this remix’s take on it. It starts out with a much subtler vibe than the original, with a pan flute and regular flute playing over the continuous drum beat, which now has a subtle electronic streak running through it. As the track goes on though, it gradually introduces more and more retro sounds into the background, while the drumming and flutes persist. It sounds a lot fuller and has its own unique parts (particularly the pan flute – a fitting addition), giving it a whole new personality.

However, what I really love about the mix is that it still clearly maintains the original’s catchy melody. This is unlike a lot of DnB remixes, which I feel too often become an unrecognizable dubstep mess. Despite the heavier drums and new synth sounds, the track is still clearly the same head-bopping, table-tapping tune that greets you the first time you step in front of the Deku Palace. Hayward has done an excellent job remixing it, suffice to say.

Now that I’ve rediscovered my love for this track, I think I’m gonna go download it to my phone (free in the video’s description) and stick on my headphones at work. My afternoons of writing about health and safety are about to get a lot more upbeat.