Nintendo has released an update on the players invited to this year’s “Super Smash Bros. Invitational.” Fan favorites from around the Smash series community will be in attendance. Hailing from around the world, they’re coming to Los Angeles to compete for bragging rights shortly after the brand new Super Smash Bros. title is revealed at E3.

First up is MkLeo from Mexico. He’s been a champion in recent fighting game events like Evo Japan 2018, Genesis 4 and Genesis 5. He loves his swordplay, so let’s see if he brings Marth or Cloud to this new scene.

Coming out of Smash retirement is ZeRo from Chile. Folks may remember him as the winner of the 2014 Super Smash Bros. Invitational, as well as his success at Evo 2015 and Genesis 3.

Those close to the community may have heard the term “The Five Gods,” referring to five top-tier Melee players who pretty much are the only people that win tournaments. One of those players, Armada, is also invited to the invitational. Hailing from Sweden, he’s been a pretty strong force in Smash Bros. for a long while now. What will his Princess Peach game look like?

Abadango is a big name in the Japanese fighting game community. He may not be Mew2King, but he showed off his dominance with Mewtwo at Pound 2016. He is widely regarded to be the true king of Mewtwo players.

Another champion from Genesis 5, hailing from the United States, is Plup. Known for his excellent Sheik play, we can probably expect some high level maneuvering from whomever he selects on stage.

Also from the United States comes Lucky. Placing top 5 in Evo 2017 and Genesis 5, he brings a strong Fox game to the Melee stage. He’s currently signed with Team Dignitas.

The Netherlands has produced one of the best Sheik players on the scene in Mr. R. He appears fairly recent to the scene, but he’s made quite a name for himself over the last year.

Cloud 9’s own Mang0, another of “The Five Gods,” is slated to appear on stage. He’s a major competitor, so expect to see him tear through the competition with his space animal characters.

These players will come together to get their hands on the new Super Smash Bros. game on June 12 in Los Angeles. Folks in the area may want to swing by the Belasco Theater. If you come in costume, you may be selected to play the new Smash Bros. title on stage! Details on that, as well as the chosen Invitational players, can be found on Nintendo’s E3 website.

For more on Zelda and Smash Bros. at E3 you should stick around! We have some exciting features coming up in the near future.