I am, by and large, a dreamer. I spend a lot of my time lost in my own imagination dreaming up various worlds and scenarios and living them out in my mind. Video games have, of course, been a huge inspiration to my own imagination, and I often find myself listening to my favorite tunes, dreaming of days gone by or the worlds I used to live in when I heard those songs.

As I played through Breath of the Wild, I felt that child-like wonder I used to experience all over again, and my imagination took over at every opportunity. I would question, “What was this place like?” and “What happened here?” I imagined all the possibilities, and it only excited me to explore more and more of every area. This was due in large part to the wonderful soundtrack, which captures the beauty of restraint in its music perfectly.

When I finally ventured into Rito Village, I was awestruck. Not only was the village itself wonderfully constructed and beautiful to wander around in, but the music stopped me dead in my tracks. I played the game with headphones on, and for a moment I closed my eyes and took in the music. I could feel myself being whisked away into my own imagination, and a huge sense of calmness took over me. Wandering around and talking to the various Rito with the music in the background gave such a strong sense of tranquility. Despite the world being full of danger everywhere, Rito Village felt like a small retreat from the world around it — and it’s in no small part to this wonderfully crafted song.

It’s always such a joy to find a new song to put on my ever-growing playlist, but to have a song I can just close my eyes and lose myself in the music is a whole different level. For me, the Day variant of Rito Village does just that.