Now that spring is gradually making its way here, I’m itching to go out and take long walks along the nearby river and surrounding wooded areas. There’s something so enthralling and therapeutic about wandering amongst nature, absorbing all its wonderful sounds and sights. I think this is why I adore Breath of the Wild as much as I do – it captures this feeling of exploring nature so effortlessly, as does the artist of this stunning Breath of the Wild painting, Mei Xing (Jessica Smith).

The main thing that struck me when I first saw the piece is its style, which gives it so much depth and realism. The sharp, defined strokes, colours, and multiple layers give it a unique appearance that I can only describe as tactile. It’s almost like I can feel the dirt and leaves under Link’s feet, smell the mossy water, hear the brook rushing in between rocks and over banks, and see the light flicker off the water as it filters through the trees.

Everything blends together beautifully and makes the woods feel so alive. The birds in flight and Link’s cape fluttering on a gentle breeze also add to this, making it more than just a backdrop, but a living, breathing woods. Describing this makes me want to be there, exploring it all! I wish I was Link running amongst these dense, mystical woods in Hyrule, bathing in its serene beauty. I’d genuinely love to buy, frame, and hang it up in my living room it’s that enchanting! Perhaps if I do, I can stare at it long and close enough to feel like I’m really there — or replay Breath of the Wild again.