For those of you who are regular readers of this site, you might already know that I really like Zelda IIIt was an experimental title for the series and compared to a lot of NES games of its time, it was leagues better in terms of quality than most other games. It was also my first Zelda game that introduced me to the series, so I have a lot of love for the game, and that love only seems to grow for the game over time.

Thanks to the internet, I found out that a fair number of people really didn’t care for the title due to how largely different it was. But, there were a fair number of people who also shared their appreciation for the little black sheep, and Hyrule452 is one of them. ZELDA 2 – Barbosa Boss (Volvagia) (as he has titled it) is nothing short of breathtaking.

As you can see, the actual picture itself is quite wide. I would recommend going to the artists’ page to see the full-size image. Link and Volvagia, though considerably less so, are very small in this image. This really gives the room a sense of scale which is very fitting for a boss arena of this kind. Link and Volvagia both have a well done watercolor effect on them both, and it really shows the amount of love and detail that went into this piece. The usage of color and the embers of the fire from Volvagia emits a powerful red that encompasses the whole image.

I also really love the artist’s interpretation of the background here. While the size of the characters and the room gives it a sense of scale, the background gives the room a real sense of depth, that there might be more to the 2D plane than we know of. It really leaves a lot to the imagination and I adore that the most about this piece. It really taps into that child-like imagination of “what if” that many of us who grew up with these games no doubt had.

It always does my heart good to see any love for the lovely little game that Zelda II is. It represents growth in a series and proves that Nintendo wasn’t afraid to take risks with their series and to try and find new things to make it a fresh experience. Sure a lot of it didn’t end up working out for the series, but the game still has a lot of charm and heart. For a while, I was a little intimidated to say that a game like this was something I enjoyed, but seeing the love and effort that Hyrule452 put into this picture as much as his others is a great reminder that your passions can create something beautiful that others might not see. If an art piece can make me see that, then I’d say this art is one of the greats.