One of the things I remember most about my experience in the Breath of the Wild was gaining entry to Gerudo Town. Getting there in general was a bit of a process, but the moment I’ll never forget is seeing Link dressed like a Gerudo vai for the first time. I was both laughing and blushing from this hilariously adorable scene, and I always love seeing good fan art of Link sporting this look such as Dimentio888’s wonderful piece.

This artist takes a more cartoony approach and it looks wonderful! The way the clothes are drawn are beautiful, with all the translucent effects and how they ripple seamlessly — not to mention that Dimentio888 nailed all the details embroidered on them! Link may be dressed as a vai, but he’s still got a sword and shield in hand which is a very nice touch as well. Gerudo women are a tough group of gals, so Link will fit in just fine!

Though you are eventually able to wear the male desert armor, I find myself running around in this adorable outfit more. The Gerudo garments may not have much purpose outside of gaining access to the town, but it was a cute, funny, and bold decision on Nintendo’s part that everyone seems to be enjoying with all the fan art that’s been floating around. Perhaps you’ll see more of it here in the future!