A Link to the Past has a diverse pool of dungeon bosses. Some of them include an eyeball monster, a three-headed turtle, a big moth, a dinosaur, a wizard, and Ganon. I enjoy finding their weaknesses and figuring out their fighting patterns, but among the numerous fun dungeon bosses in the game, Moldorm stands out as one of the worst in the Zelda series.

Moldorm is the giant worm that Link fights at the top of the Tower of Hera. The boss battle is known to be tedious and frustrating. This is because he pushes Link off of his arena, which causes the battle to restart. Moldorm’s design is also very uninspired, he is very “blah” in a sea of imaginative bosses. This boss is basically a giant version of the worms that Link fights in the caves. The only reason Moldorm isn’t completely forgettable is because of the immense amount of frustration he inflicts on innocent players.

My first experience with Moldorm was frustrating and unforgettable. Before fighting him, I came across a bunch of jars in front of his door. Wondering about the goods inside, I began tossing them around to only find hearts. Unfortunately, I did not know how important the hearts were until the middle of the fight. The boss fight was in an arena with no walls. The lack of walls allowed Moldorm to knock Link off of the battlefield and send him down to the floor below the boss fight.

After the first time Moldorm knocked me off the arena, I was annoyed because I was not able to replenish my health since the hearts were already used. Unfortunately, I did not realize that I would keep getting knocked down to the floor below and would need the hearts. The aspect of the fight that frustrated me the most was how Moldorm would regain all of his health with each restart of the fight. Meanwhile, I couldn’t replenish my health.

This fight completely broke my expectations of boss battles. I always thought that once Link would enter a boss’s room, he stays there until either he dies or the boss dies. For that reason, I found nothing wrong with taking the hearts before the fight, not knowing that I could be knocked back down to that floor. Eventually, I began to get used to his movements and found the right time to strike the tip of his tail, his weakness. After a lot of sweating and swearing, I eventually defeated him. At that moment, I dropped the controller onto the floor, went to my knees and wept because the horror was over and I was freed of Moldorm. Up to that point, nothing in my life was more satisfying than watching every piece of his body explode. I entered the fight a boy and came out enlighten beyond my years.