With the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day taking place today, I found it incredibly lucky that I managed to get the opportunity to write my first article here at Zelda Universe on my own lucky experiences while playing through Breath of the Wild.

My boyfriend, who I am happily working with here on the site, and I had talked about playing Breath of the Wild when the title was first announced, and it became a very exciting thing for the two of us when we both picked up the game. I guess you could say that it’s a little cheesy, but this was the first real Zelda game that I played through, and it was made even more enjoyable by the fact that I played through the game with him.

Let’s get down to it. I’m going to share with you guys my three most lucky moments of playing through Breath of The Wild, and our reactions to them!

1. Killing My First Lynel: Beginner’s Luck…or was it?

You know how seasoned Zelda players spend lots of time practicing the move sets so they can use them to take down their enemies? The sword and shield combos to attack, dodge and counter that make you look like an epic Link-version of Neo from the Matrix? Yeah, I never got to that level of awesome. My first experience of taking on a Lynel was by complete mistake, and it was horrific.

My boyfriend had started and re-started the game a few times before playing through with me. He was a part of the Zeldathon last spring shortly after Breath of the Wild launched, so he was no stranger to the dangerous and absolutely frightening creatures that are the Lynel. I had the opportunity to watch him play, which to me, was always mesmerizing. I always look to him for advice when playing through games for the first time, because he’s seasoned, whereas I’m the Zelda noob who walked right into a Lynel by complete accident.

For those of you who have played other open world games in the past, that desire to search and explore literally everything around you is quite strong! You can imagine my shock and horror as this ginormous monster barreled down after me, even though I tried to sneak away from him. I’m almost positive that you guys can imagine the Lynel’s sweeping attack, launching Link’s poor mangled body about 100 feet into the air before I was trampled and ultimately met my very timely demise.

With my boyfriend laughing his brains out at me, I decided to take my newbie skills to the next level. After making it back to the point where I died, as I learned quite well the value of creating updated save files, I decided to take a different approach to the magnificent beast. As you might know, climbing in this game is encouraged. So to try and outsmart the Lynel, I climbed a rock just out of his line of sight.  Whenever that little red exclamation point above his head would start to rise, I’d have to stop climbing and wait him out. Believe me, this was some very tedious work, during which my boyfriend teased me for being a little chicken and not confronting the Lynel head on as he had done. However, my patience was rewarded.

Having gotten the Divine Skill, Revali’s Gale, before taking on the Lynel, I devised my masterful plan after I made it to the top of the rock face. Utilizing Revali’s Gale gave me the extra altitude that I needed to be able to utilize my paraglider, and literally land right on top of the Lynel’s back. The paraglider also gave me the time to recharge the skill as it was my third time using the ability.

Now, the weapon variety of Breath of the Wild was a lifesaver. I’m a huge fan of archery and I played through the game primarily using a bow with all of those amazing arrows, but I kept my inventory open for some melee weapons as well. Switching to one of those, I attacked the Lynel, before I was tossed from his back. Switching again from my sword to my bow, I used the fall time to slo-mo fire a few bomb arrows at the back of the Lynel’s head.

The reaction time that I had was mind-blowing to me, even still to this day. After I landed, the Lynel charged. I was wearing the Shiekah armor set so that didn’t exactly provide me much by way of protection from a direct hit. But somehow I managed to roll out of the way and only took a small amount of damage from the charge. As I said before, I’m almost positive that this was some hardcore beginner’s luck.

The Lynel was down about a third of his health at this point, and most thoroughly agitated. Using Revali’s Gale again, I got enough distance between myself and the Lynel, and changed into some better, more durable armor while in the air — because let’s face it, that mechanic is epic and most likely saved my hide. Having the height to my advantage, I attacked again from above. Stamina potions were a blessing, as I’ll elaborate more on later, but I drank those things like a parched man in a desert during this fight. Firing more arrows at the Lynel, I got his health down to just below half before I ran out of bomb arrows.

It was then that I used my last Revali’s Gale to make my final push. I landed on the Lynel’s back one more time and just hit him as hard as I could with the help of some elemental weapons. I had no idea what I was doing the majority of this battle, but I’d taken on Bokoblins and Lizalfos enough times before to know how to quickly react. The Lynel, however, was much more intense and violent.

I finished the Lynel with a few strong melee attacks, and after ingesting a few baked apples, I recovered my health enough to fully enjoy my very fortunate victory! I won’t lie when I raised both joy-cons in the air like I’d just scored a touchdown in the Superbowl. My boyfriend teased me but then I got a victory kiss and felt ten kinds of epic. His reaction was simple: “Well, that’s certainly one way of doing it!”

2. Core Strength at its BEST

This second experience isn’t anywhere near as action-packed as the first one, but it’s still lucky in its own right! Whenever I would play Breath of the Wild and I would start to climb literally anything, that the blasted rain would start. It can not just be my rotten luck! However, this very fortunate event occurred while I was “shrine hunting.”  Not only was I utilizing the Zelda Maps here at ZU, I also managed to get a very lucky climb while within the Faron region.

I’m a very different kind of girl when it comes to open world gameplay. Sometimes, I just want to explore and not necessarily follow any timeline or direct path. Sometimes, I just like to see if I can do things —  test the limits the game developers put in place. It’s relaxing, especially when discovering places in the game by complete accident!

Climbing the sides of the large tree trunks in the Faron region are incredibly difficult because it literally never stops raining. Ever. You might get a few precious seconds of reprieve, but your grip is hard to maintain because the surface areas are wet, and sometimes, luck just isn’t on your side — But if you use enough stamina potions, you can defy all odds. I mean that in every sense!

My boyfriend didn’t believe me when I said I would climb that insanely tall tree, but I kept jumping off because I was living on a prayer, and really didn’t want to die again. I think I must have consumed at least seven stamina potions to keep myself from falling to my death.


My boyfriend was just as surprised as I was that I made it, but as I watched my poor little Link character heave heavily as he caught his breath and his stamina recovered, I couldn’t help but grin like a smug idiot.

3. The Big, The Bad, The Ugly.

Calamity Ganon. You see him during the introduction, how he’s literally consumed all areas of Hyrule and making himself at home in the castle. He is this force to be reckoned with, and one that I was practically terrified of facing in the end. But the really amazing thing about having your boyfriend play through Breath of the Wild right next to you is that you’ve got his support and his determined attitude keeping your fighting spirit alive.

The reality that this would be my first time facing off against Ganon was frightening, but exciting at the same time. Taking out the Guardians that surrounded the castle was just one step in a practically all-consuming battle that lasted roughly an hour. The experience alone isn’t enough to really articulate how ready I was to defeat the big bad of Breath of the Wild. Collecting all of the memories, finding all of the shrines, expanding my inventory with over 400 Korok seeds, and conquering all four of the Divine Beasts, I had sunk over 200 hours into this game before my boyfriend and I each took on Ganon at the same time.

With him playing his console just behind me, his shouts and encouragement amped me up, and when we faced Calamity Ganon, neither of us lost a life. I had a few scares while flying through the air, taking out the large canons that fired enormous sums of energy at us, but the fact alone that I wasn’t facing this monster by myself gave me an extra boost of confidence.

I wonder if some of you would call that lucky, or perhaps just being properly prepared and ready to take Ganon on played the larger role in our success. I’d like to think it’s the former, though I won’t doubt the importance of preparedness and skill gained while playing.

In the end, the battle wasn’t as difficult as some of the other encounters that I’d had while playing through Breath of the Wild. I felt a huge amount of relief as we defeated the big bad of the game, and as Zelda’s spirit was finally released, I felt tears in my eyes. The emotion of this game is truly something else, and I was so euphoric with our victory that I didn’t even realize that the credits were rolling.

I guess that happens to all of us, huh?

Thank you for reading, and please let us know what lucky encounters you may have had in a Zelda game!