Nintendo has announced that those pesky Gold Points you have been jarring up so securely can now be put towards digital purchases on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Furthermore, your potential purchases on the eShop will display how many points you will earn if you buy the software.

This is the first time that anything Switch-related is redeemable through MyNintendo, some twelve months after launch. If you have already collected your points for launch titles such as Breath of the Wild it’s worth noting that after twelve months your Gold Points will expire, so make sure to use them within that time frame.

Players will be rewarded with Gold Points as a percentage, with 5% for digital downloads (games and DLC for Switch, along with games for 3DS and Wii U), and 1% for any physical Switch game purchase. One Gold Point has the official conversion of one penny (GBP). (They might feel more like copper than gold now admittedly).

Nintendo used the example of “If you pay £40 for a game on Nintendo eShop, you’ll receive 200 Gold Points. Next time, you’ll be able to use those points and save £2.”

If you don’t already have a Nintendo Account, make sure you create one and link it to a MyNintendo account to start accumulating points on purchases.

You can find more on Gold Points on the Nintendo website.