Official gaming merchandise retailer Merchoid has announced an array of rays in the form of lamps from the Zelda series.

Available to pre-order, you can land yourself a set which includes the Triforce, a Heart Container, a Green Rupee, and a Sheikah Eye which is synonymous with Breath of the Wild.

The Heart Container that also contains light

Out of these 3D Mini-Lights, the Out of the Shadows Sheikah Eye Protection Light (which if anything could destroy your eyesight if you gaze closely and for long enough ironically – don’t try this at home!) is the biggest and will cost you $39.99 USD/£32.99/€34.99 EUR. Time to cut some grass and break your neighbors’ precious but carelessly placed pots for rupees!

This big mini light will show you the way

The Heart Container, Green Rupee, and Triforce are priced at $18.99 USD/£12.99/€14.99 EUR, and, along with the Sheikah Eye, these trendy lights are scarce in supply so ensure you pre-order soon. The Sheikah Eye Protection Light (which doesn’t protect your eyes – did we mention that?) will be released to the world on March 5th for shipping, while the other three will start their journey to your doorstep on March 16th.

There is a poor exchange rate for this Rupee, but on the bright side, it’s a light…