The music in Gerudo areas always appeals to me. They’re so exotic and lively and effectively capture the Gerudo culture no matter what iteration it is. Although I was saddened that Gerudos didn’t physically appear in Twilight Princess, the desert was still a fun area to explore. And the music was — as usual — especially enjoyable. Naturally, I was drawn to this reorchestration of the Gerudo Desert theme by ZREO. It beautifully enhances the adventurous, Arabian tone, and breathes new life into the track.

The most notable aspect of the orchestration is the addition of trumpets and violins, which now accompany the acoustic guitar. This helps fill out the track and add greater depth to the tone. The use of trumpets and the slower pace, in particular, give it more grandeur. They make it sound more epic than the original track, and create the sense that you’re embarking on a truly treacherous environment that will test you endlessly. It really sends me back to when I first journeyed through the Gerudo Desert in Twilight Princess — when I was dashing through the sand as Wolf Link and watching the gorgeous sun set behind rosy gold dunes.

I also really appreciate how much this orchestration remains loyal to the exotic, adventurous tone of the original. The acoustic guitar and humming vocals are prominent throughout (although it is missing the drums from the original, sadly). What’s interesting though is that this orchestrated version replaces the masculine vocals with feminine voices. This change, I think, helps add a hint of mysticism to the grandiose tone. You get the sense that by journeying through this dangerous environment, you’ll discover something mystical — something enlightening perhaps. And as players of Twilight Princess know, that’s certainly what you find at the peak of the Arbiter’s Ground. Either way, I interpret it as conveying the environment as hostile yet beautiful.

I hope you all enjoy this orchestration as much as I do. It renews my love for Gerudo music all over again!