Ravio is one of my favorite Zelda characters of all time. Throughout A Link Between Worlds, he was always a delight to return to whenever I was in need of new weapons or honestly, just something to brighten my mood. His silly blurbs of dialogue would never cease to make me smile and I equally love to see other Ravio fans draw beautiful artwork of him — especially when they portray him unmasked.

Chromel has drawn a beautiful, minimalistic rendition of a revealed Ravio. The art style is so cute and plush-like, almost reminiscent of The Wind Waker! He looks mischievously to the side — perhaps up to some shenanigans to earn some extra rupees? The simplistic shading of the piece works perfectly for the style and gives him a soft, almost fluffy look.

Believe it or not, it’s rather hard to find artwork of this eccentric character. Overall, I feel as though this game is overshadowed by A Link to the Past. I’ll admit that it’s difficult for a sequel to outshine its predecessor, but in my honest (unpopular) opinion, Ravio is the most prominent reason that I prefer A Link Between Worlds. He is wonderfully wacky and a significant addition to the Zelda lore. It’s unlikely that we’ll see him in other mainline games, but I do hope to see him in more and more fan art like this adorable piece!