More often than not, I’ll find myself daydreaming about adventures. It’s something I’ve done ever since I was a young child, and I spent a lot of my days in my imagination. Video games were a major part of that developing imagination, as I imagine, pun intended, is the case for many others. The Zelda series played an even bigger role than any others in giving me more ideas with which to daydream. The idea of a young person going on many adventures was highly appealing to me as a child, and I loved exploring every single nook and cranny in any and all titles I could get my hands on.

Perhaps the game I loved to explore the most before Breath of the Wild changed everything was The Wind Waker. Sailing out in the Great Sea felt truly grand. Sure, there wasn’t much to see on the way between islands, but you’d best believe there was something to hear. “The Great Sea” as it is aptly titled plays on your excursion across the vast ocean, and it’s a theme that might not ever escape my head — and frankly, I’m okay with that. Anytime I ever go a long distance anywhere, whether it be on a car or an airplane, this song is always playing in my mind. It’s not unusual for me to hum it even when I’m playing other games either.

The combination of the horns and the strings are unparalleled, and it evokes everything about setting out on an adventure perfectly. Granted, Zelda games do a pretty great job of having these types of themes in major hub areas like Hyrule Field, but for me, this one stands above the rest. While I was sailing with this song playing, my mind would wander and I’d think of all the cool and great things I was going to experience at the next island. Going out and filling my sea chart or finding treasures was always great fun just because the music helped to really excite me for what might lie ahead.

The Wind Waker came about when I was a young teenager, and it was also the first game that I bought with my own money. The feeling of satisfaction of buying things with your own money was exciting for me, and it made playing the game all the sweeter. Hearing “The Great Sea” hearkens back to those days and reminds me of not just a game, but an unforgettable adventure.