When Nintendo Power returned late last year as an official podcast, many fans were thrilled at its revival. While it wasn’t quite the epic print revival of unparalleled proportions that some might have hoped for, it packed a ton of information, insightful interviews, and well-thought-out responses from its panel of hosts, and guests. That level of care has been placed into yet another exciting entry in the podcast’s running series, as the second episode of the “Nintendo Power Podcast” has been officially released.

This episode features former Nintendo Power editor-in-chief Chris Slate, joined by the brilliant Krysta Yang of Nintendo Minute, and the inimitable Nate Bihldorff from Nintendo’s Treehouse, perhaps best known outside of his localization efforts for his voice work as Salvatore in The Wind Waker.

In just under one hour, this podcast covers everything from fan-submitted questions and game trivia to discussing their experiences with Nintendo’s most recently announced project, Nintendo Labo! There’s so much more to say about this phenomenal episode, but your best bet is to listen to it for yourself. The second episode of the “Nintendo Power Podcast” is available to download on Google Play MusiciTunes, and Soundcloud for convenient listening on the go. If you’d prefer to stream the podcast from YouTube, you can check it out below!

Have you been keeping up with the “Nintendo Power Podcast”?

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