Thanks to Nintendo’s recent financial reports detailing their sales activity for the third quarter of their current fiscal year, we now have new information regarding global sales for Breath of the Wild. With Nintendo Switch copies of the game totaling¬†6.7 million units sold, combined with the previously reported Wii U version sales of 1.08 million units, Breath of the Wild is currently the second best-selling Zelda title worldwide. Check out the graph below for a full breakdown of global sales across the series.

Breath of the Wild was also recently confirmed as the best-selling Zelda title in Japan in almost two decades, trailing just behind Ocarina of Time‘s impressive lifetime sales. Given its current sales trajectory and with the possibility for plenty of new Switch owners to dive into the massively open and explorable experience, it wouldn’t be impossible for the latest entry to overtake the current global best-seller, Twilight Princess, which currently boasts around 9 million lifetime units sold.

Do you think Breath of the Wild can overtake the top spot for best-selling Zelda title? Is it only a matter of time?

Source Resetera