For many of us, we have an inherent bias to be drawn to things we enjoyed when we were young. Whether it be an old movie, a favorite book, or more relevantly, a favorite game. In my case, I love the old school 80’s and 90’s Japanese art style that was commonly seen in games and anime. In fact, my favorite designs of Link and Zelda tend to be from those eras and they’re what I usually associate said characters with because of that natural bias.

That’s why when I found the fanart “Zelda’s Looks” by DeviantArt user Malu-CLBS, I instantly fell in love. The old school design of Zelda are all represented and even in the classical art style I love. Not to mention it looks as though all the princesses are aware of each other and the thought of all the classic Zelda’s getting together and hanging out is just too amusing an idea. Plus, fanart from Zelda II is represented here, which is a definite favorite of mine and anything that celebrates it is A-OK in my book!

Sometimes it’s nice to go back and look at your roots for things such as art. As time goes on, newer games are released and we await them with bated breath and excitement. However, looking back at how things once were is just as interesting, for both veterans of the series and newcomers alike. Seeing how things evolve and change is a joy and I think it helps to appreciate the things we have now, so seeing someone celebrate an older style of art always fills me with glee, knowing that someone else appreciates the older art as much as I do.