I ain’t afraid to say Kass is by far my favorite character from Breath of the Wild. He is always so chill, so lighthearted; every encounter with him toned down the pace of the adventure in such a relaxing way, I just wanted to sit there and listen to him playing his trusty accordion while watching the sunset in the horizon.

Such peace of a carefree soul is what Kenket, in collaboration with Lofi, have masterfully depicted in this work of art. The expression of joy in his eyes and his heartwarming smile reflect the serenity of this character, roaming the land of Hyrule with a set goal in mind: to uncover the mysteries of his teacher’s work; and most importantly, enjoying every moment of this voyage. Every stroke and every choice of color in both Kass and the landscape before him carry the peaceful feeling of encountering him during this quest. A truly gorgeous masterpiece.

Kass by Kenket & Lofi