A new Breath of the Wild: Expanded Edition guide is set for release in February! This hardcover guide, from guidebook publisher Piggyback, will detail all content from the core game as well as content from DLC packs like The Master Trials and The Champions’ Ballad. Complete with references, strategy pointers, and walkthroughs. This guide is the companion all true adventurers strive for!

This edition will feature a 36-page atlas covering the entirety of Hyrule in great depth, in addition to its included double-sided map poster, both of which will chronicle all Korok Seed and treasure chest locations. Players can expect in-depth visual help from this ultimate guidebook for every puzzle and boss in the game, making it just that much easier to overcome those particularly problematic Shrines and Divine Beasts. For anyone just looking to indulge in some breathtaking art, this guide will feature a 16-page art gallery for the main game, as well as a 16-page concept art showcase dedicated to the contents of the Expansion Pass.

In total, this massive 512-page guide is worth owning not only for its thorough insight into all aspects of Breath of the Wild, but also for collectors who want a beautiful art book to admire from time to time. Preorders are open now through retailers like Amazon, with the Breath of the Wild: Expanded Edition guide set for release on February 13, 2018.