Nintendo has been regularly releasing new game-inspired stickers for the Line messaging app to give their fans one more way to express themselves. From Animal Crossing and Splatoon to Super Mario and beyond, Line users have an array of game stickers to choose from when messaging friends.

Continuing that trend, a new Breath of the Wild sticker pack is now available to purchase. Make like an arrow and get your point across loud and clear! The stickers aren’t compatible with other messaging services or apps, but if you keep in touch using Line, you can, and should, use these stickers from the latest Zelda entry.

Daruk, Link, Mipha, Urbosa, Revali, Sidon, Zelda and more make appearances, covering all of the bases for Breath of the Wild fans. Check out the video below from the lovely folks over at Nintendo Wire to see all 24 stickers in action!

A similar set of stickers is also available for iMessage via the App Store. The stickers retain the look and animation from their Line counterparts, but sadly lack the fun sounds and voices.