Nabooru was a character I was always interested in since I first discovered her in the Ocarina of Time manga series. At first I thought she was a completely new and made-up character specifically for the manga, but later I was delighted to see that she was, in fact, a part of the game itself. However, I was a bit disappointed at how little she appeared in the game.

There was such potential for this character! She had an interesting backstory, a great design, an engaging personality — why was there not more of her? Luckily, I am not the only one who desired more of this Gerudo warrior; Txikimorin has created a beautiful piece of fan art depicting Nabooru in a new light.

The artist here depicts Nabooru leading an army of Gerudo soldiers. Instead of her traditional garbs, she wears armor and war paint, dual wielding a pair of swords. Being as this is an original costume design, I think it resembles the Gerudo culture appropriately with the billowing pants and grand jewels displayed on her attire. The style of the painting itself is also stunning on its own! The way Nabooru’s ponytail fades into the sandy skies is just gorgeous. The colors are just right and the sandy texture makes you feel like you’re staring at a genuine desert. The army fading into the distance has a massive presence as well — All those who oppose these fierce women are in for an impressive fight!

Though the art by itself is absolutely superb, there’s a story behind it as well — in fact, there are many. This art opens up so many possibilities! It could be Nabooru leading Ganondorf’s army onto Hyrule before the two had their falling out, or perhaps she could be leading a rebellion against their king. It could be that they are returning from an unsuccessful venture across the desert and Nabooru sees an oasis in the distance, assuring that she and her comrades will survive. All of these prospects coming out of one piece of art is just another wonderful aspect of it!

As much as this art makes me wonder about the story here, it makes me also hope that we’ll see her or a descendant of hers in another game. The Gerudo are such an interesting people, and having them return in Breath of the Wild was an exhilarating experience. I hope that we see them again soon, and when we do I hope to see something similar to what Txikimorin has depicted in this beautiful display.