Breath of the Wild director Hidemaro Fujibayashi returns yet again with another entry in the “Tips from the Wild” series. This week’s entry is all about armor — oh, and Great Fairy Fountains. Leveling up pieces of armor in Breath of the Wild can offer some serious benefits to newly awakened and experienced explorers alike.

The first aspect of leveling your equipment comes in the form of finding the Great Fairy Fountains around Hyrule. Finding all four of these locations can offer a wealth of upgrades for your various wearable gear. Each fountain you discover allows the other fountains around the map to upgrade your equipment further. That means you won’t need to return to the last fountain you found to receive the best upgrades, instead utilizing the most convenient fountain for your needs.

As you may well know, sets of armor include equipment for head, chest, and legs, which will all need to be upgraded individually. Upgrading the full set of armor twice can unlock bonus effects, which are combined with the armor’s stat boosts to give you unlimited power — or at least some slick armor that will come in handy as you encounter various challenges throughout the world.

The most recent update will gift you with some helpful items which can be used to upgrade your armor. Launching the game from the most recent, and wholly electrifying update on the News channel will spawn three Yellow Chuchu Jelly and three Electric Keese Wings. Be sure to remember which items you’ll need to upgrade your preferred armor, and venture forth into that dangerous wilderness, adventurers!

If you have fallen behind on “Tips from the Wild”, be sure to check out our previous updates to see what you’ve been missing! While you’re out gathering items for upgrading your armor, be sure to check your quest log to track down the newly added armor set themed after Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.