Thanks to the wonderful people at ThinkGeek, the Master Sword can now be yours — in letter opener form! No longer just for breaking magical barriers, or sealing darkness away, this miniature version can open your letters. Once you’ve opened the letters, though, be sure to watch out for any mysterious hands begging for some pa-pa-pa-paper.

The Picori-sized sword is made of metal, while the accompanying base is made of resin and painted to look like the pedestal from the Temple of Time. Together the set measures around 7 inches tall, while the sword itself is slightly shorter. Now you can ward off evil from any desk, shelf, or other various space where one might place a scaled-down Blade of Evil’s Bane.

This is an officially licensed Zelda product, available exclusively from ThinkGeek. While you’re looking, be sure to check out the awesome Breath of the Wild collection from ThinkGeek and Musterbrand!

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