Developed by Comfox and Brothers, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is an adventure game inspired by Zelda games such as Wind Waker. The swashbuckling Switch version sailed on to the eShop in June this year, priced at $14.99. Building on the positive reviews it received, the developers have decided to offer a free demo of their game too.

Sadly there is no confirmed date for the release of the demo, but it should be out this October. The developers are hoping to let Switch owners experience Oceanhorn first, before paying for the full game. Certainly the Zelda-like visuals and gameplay should be enough to persuade people to play the full game.

There are a lot of exciting games and features upcoming for Nintendo and Switch owners. Super Mario Odyssey releases on October 27, and hopefully details will drop soon for Champions’ Balladthe second DLC for Breath of the WildOceanhorn adds another exciting game for Switch owners, and also the possibility to try it for free first. If you’ve played Oceanhorn be sure to share with us your thoughts on the game!

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