Nintendo has announced the time has come for the Wii Shop Channel, as it will permanently shut down in January 2019 worldwide. The last day you can add Wii Points to your balance is Monday March 26, 2018, while January 31, 2019 marks its final day before the shutdown.

After the shop is gone forever, you will no longer be able to make purchases or utilize the Wii Transfer Tool to send your Wii’s downloads and saves to Wii U. You will also lose the ability to re-download your purchases in some unspecified time in 2019.

The Wii Shop Channel launched with the original Wii console in November 2006, cementing itself as Nintendo’s first digital storefront. It continued to exist on the Wii U via Wii backwards compatibility. That same shell allowed users who transferred over their Virtual Console downloads to the Wii U to re-buy them at a discount on the newer system’s eShop.

The closure of the Wii Shop affects the entirety of WiiWare and well over 200 Virtual Console games, including games from the Legend of Zelda series spanning the NES original all the way to Majora’s Mask. If you still hold the Wii’s comprehensive library near and dear, now is the time to plan out your final transactions with the old shop, while you still can.

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