The Goron race has always played important parts in the stories of the Zelda series. Beyond being the rock-eating inhabitants of Hyrule, they have had a great influence on many of the events that unfold in different games. Since taking sides with the goddess Hylia in the first battle of evil, the Gorons have been one of the closest allies to the royal family in the series. But has anyone taken a close look at their history within the Legend of Zelda games?

YouTube channel Commonwealth Realm has a new video that explores and details the overarching history of the Gorons. Check out the video below to see his full overview of the Goron race.

Using information pulled from Hyrule Historia and games ranging from Skyward Sword to Ocarina of Time, Commonwealth Realm paints a full look at the history of the Gorons. If you were ever curious about the Gorons outside of what you experienced playing any of the Zelda games, this is a highly informative video.