Last week, some intrepid snoopers found an NES emulator hiding inside the Switch. It turns out that every machine has this software on it, and a copy of Golf for it to play. But, out of all the initial speculation as to the “what” and “why” it was there, nobody could have predicted the real reason.

It was created as a loving tribute to former Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata.

Now, in fairness, nobody from Nintendo has come out and acknowledged this is the truth of the matter, but the evidence that has come out since its initial discovery makes it hard to believe it’s anything other than a touching memorial for the man who piloted the hardware.

When it was discovered that Golf was planted on every Switch, internet folks were hot on the case to discover how to access it. To begin, it only works on Switches that are still on the 1.0 version of software. Once you’re set with a fresh Switch, it appears that it can be unlocked by setting your clock to July 11, the day of Mr. Iwata’s unfortunate passing, and by making a fairly strict hand gesture with a Joy-Con in each hand. The gesture, many will recognize, resembles Mr. Iwata’s famous “Direct” gesture. If done correctly you’ll unlock a copy of Golf that features not only two-player Joy-Con support, but also motion controls. That’s a first for any sort of Virtual Console software. Golf’s own significance in all of this is that it was one of Iwata’s earliest games at Nintendo.

Before you go cracking your Switch open like a piggy bank, please keep in mind that there is likely more to it than just “directing” at your Switch. We don’t have any additional details on what may be needed to do so, but if you’re so inclined to try it yourself, please exercise caution so you don’t void any warranties.

To further answer to the question “why is a copy of Golf that nobody can (normally) play a tribute?” The answer is that it’s a gesture of good luck more than something meant to be played. It’s better explained by 8-4 employee JJ Epperson:

It can be said that every Switch produced has a piece of Iwata in them, and it can only be hoped he has some way of seeing how well it’s doing right now.

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