That’s right! Not one, not two, but three Breath of the Wild recipes are being featured in the newest installment of Binging with Babish!

First off, Babish decides to commit to the theme by cooking mushroom risotto, outside, in a big ol’ wok — Link would be proud. He then follows this up with cozy looking roasted apples with brown sugar and goat butter. You really have to hand it to him, he’s really sticking to in-game lore with the ingredients he has chosen. This commitment continues back in his kitchen as he creates his version of Hyrule’s “Monster Cake”, but we’ll let the video do the talking.

Now that you’ve finished the video, you might be wanting to try some of these recipes yourself. Well, if you do, tweet us some pictures! And, if you’re looking for these recipes in written form, you’ll soon be able to find them at Babish’s website. Just let him know we sent ya.

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