Happy Friday everyone!

This week, I’m so happy to share a painting of Zelda that I stumbled upon just a few days ago. Breath of the Wild‘s Zelda is one of my favorite designs of all time, and so I wanted to choose a piece of fanart that drew inspiration from that model. And boy, I found many incredible drawings and paintings. One, in particular, stuck out to the most. The painting I chose was created by Olyvee, a talented artist on DeviantArt.

What stood out to me the most about this painting is the beautiful blending of colors seen on Zelda’s skin and clothing. The flowers in her hand are as blue and vibrant as her eyes, which serve a striking contrast to the golden tones in her hair and skin tone.

I fell in love with the way Zelda is portrayed in this painting, and how her expression is peaceful but also slightly playful. Olyvee has even posted a speed-paint video of the creation of this painting, which you can check out below!

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