Jim Ryan, the global marketing head of sales for Sony, was recently interviewed about this year’s E3. Amongst the many questions, Nintendo was inevitably brought up. Ryan recognizes that Nintendo’s new console is quickly rising in popularity, but see’s it as an opportunity for him to push more PS4 consoles to more casual gamers. He was quoted saying, “If they come back, and they go into a store looking for a Switch, I’ll have a crack at selling them a PS4.”

What he means by “if the come back” refers to the gamers that bought a Wii over a PS3 and haven’t jumped on a new console since. He’s correct in that because the Wii outsold both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 by a wide margin. The PS4 and Xbox One are nowhere near the sales figures of the Wii. The Switch, on the other hand, is paving a clear path to beat it’s predecessors sales figures in the next few years. At the end of the day, Ryan hopes to get the PS4 in as many casual gamer hands as possible. There is one slight caveat to that train of thought in that, the PS4 does not have the same draw that the PS2 had back when it reigned supreme. The PS2 had something for everyone, an array that the PS4 is currently lacking. Ryan also said during the interview, “I hear a lot of what they showed at E3 was really good — can only be to the benefit of the industry. And to pretty much everyone in the industry. So we will see.”

Ryan is right that Nintendo having the popularity it currently has is good for gaming all across the board. It means casual gamers are excited about games again and means that they may very well decide to take a look at what everyone else has to offer. It will be up to Sony to make sure they have plenty of offerings on the table once people get there.

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